US temporarily stops processing EB-1 visa applications received from India and China

US temporarily stops processing EB-1 visa applications

The US State Department has halted processing of EB-1 visa applications for citizens of India and China from 1 August. Earlier, in July, it had announced that it would not process EB-1 applications for Chinese and Indians until October. This is because applications from these two Asian nations have reached their limit. The previous occasion it had happened was in 2007.

These categories of visas are granted to candidates belonging to three segments: people having exceptional talent in arts, science and business; researchers and teachers; and executives and managers of transnational companies.

Each year, a maximum of 40,135 EB-1 visas are granted, and no one country can send in more than seven percent of immigrants under this category.

The EB-1 visas are most sought after because they pave a way for these immigrants to receive a green card in less than one year. In addition, these visa applicants do not need to be sponsored by employers.

CNNMoney quotes Shah Peerally, a Newark, California-based immigration firm’s head, as saying that many people viewed EB-1 visa as the last ray of hope.

An overseas entrepreneur has told CNN Money that people like her in the US make a beeline for EB-1 visas. According to her, since they are contributing to America’s development, they need to be in a position of safety to develop their own life as well.

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