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Posted on December 23 2019

Top Ten Highest Paying Tech Jobs in 2020

By  Editor
Updated May 10 2023
Highest Paying Tech Jobs in 2020

If you are a tech worker looking for a career change in 2020, you would like to know about the highest-paying tech jobs in 2020. Based on the salary guide for 2020 released by Robert Half, here are the top ten highest paying jobs. You should try your luck in landing any of these roles. Here are more details.

1. Big data engineer This role involves converting large amounts of raw data into information that can be used to devise strategies and for decision-making. The skill sets for this role are a degree in computer science, and experience in handling databases. The average salary for this role is USD 163,250.

2. Mobile applications developer Mobile application developers will be in demand in 2020 as much as now. If you have experience in developing applications for iOS and Android and coding experience for mobile frameworks and mobile development languages, then you can try for this role. The average salary for this job is USD 146,500.

3. Information systems security manager Experience in systems and network security along with interpersonal and leadership abilities is required for this role. Skillsets include analytical and problem-solving skills and communication skills. You must also be up to date with security trends and government regulations. Certifications such as CISSP or CompTIA Security+ are required. The average salary for this profession is USD 143,250.

4. Applications architect This role involves designing the main parts of applications such as user interface and the infrastructure. The role requires technical skills and ability to work in teams. Average salary for this role is USD 141,750.HIRING? LET US HELP.

5. Data architect The responsibilities in this role are translating business requirements into database solutions and taking care of data storage and organization and its security. The average salary for this role is USD 141,250.

6. Database manager These professionals are required to maintain the database and take care of its management. Database managers will be in demand in large organizations that deal with a vast amount of data. The average salary for this role is USD 133,500.

7. Data security analyst Skills required for this role are an understanding computer and network security, network protocols and firewall administration. The role also requires good communication and problem-solving skills. CISSP certification and knowledge of security trends and government regulations are required. The average salary is USD 129,000.

8. Software engineer Software engineers have always been in demand. Knowledge of information systems, programming languages as well as good communication skills are some of the skillsets required. Average salary for this role is USD 125,750.

9. Wireless network/cloud engineer Expertise in network technology and a background in wireless equipment and standards is required for this role. Other skills include analytical and problem-solving skills and related certifications. The average salary for this role is USD 123,750.

10. Data scientist The skillsets for this role include knowledge of statistics, mathematics and computer science. The role also requires communication skills and knowledge of programming languages such as Python and Java. The average salary for this job is USD 125,250.

Other top tech roles for 2020 include Senior Web Developer, Site reliability engineer, Systems engineer according to Robert Half. Tech jobs will always be in demand and 2020 is no exception. Focus on these roles in your job hunt and let the coming year spell bigger success. Good luck!

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Highest Paying Tech Jobs 2020

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