Scotland: Post-Study Work Visa for Indian Students Soon

Scotland Post Study Work Visa

After recording a dip in Indian students choosing UK for higher education year after year, Scotland is considering to bring back post-study work visa program for Indian students. Some 3 years ago, in April 2012, UK government ended the Post-Study work visa, also known as Tier-1 visa, that allowed students to work for 2 years after completion of their education in the UK.

Indian students contribute millions of pounds to UK’s economy each year. But owning to abolition of Tier-1 visa, UK has recorded a fall of almost 50% in Indian students as most opted for Australia, Canada, US and other countries instead of the UK.

Knowing these facts well, The Scottish National Party (SNP) is set to raise the issue with UK government to revive the policy and to strengthen the economy, thus allowing the brightest to come, study and work there.

Scotland’s international development minister Humza Yousaf told The Times of India, “Scotland needs immigration. It needs bright students from India to come and study in its 19 world class universities and then stay back and work to help develop its economy.”

Due to the increasing elderly population in Scotland, the country is facing a shortage of skilled workers, which could be filled by the young and aspiring students from India. The requirements for workers are in diverse industries and fields including demand in Healthcare and Engineering, but there isn’t much work force to take over the positions.

UK’s Stand on the Matter

The government of UK is also reconsidering its decision on Tier 1 Post-study work visa and could also take measures to re-introduce it. The policy will see removal of negative elements that led to abolition in the first place.

The TOI reported House of Commons Committee Keith Vaz saying, “Yes, we absolutely should review this policy. When looking at this situation, the Home Affairs Select Committee recommended a review of post study work visas to alleviate the clearly negative elements of the current policy .”

If the post-work study visa policy is re-introduced, there is high possibility that student flow from India would increase. Students would see a brighter future as they could return home not just with a degree in hand but some international work experience as well.

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