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Posted on November 14 2023

Schengen visa application goes paperless. Just 3 steps to apply!

By Editor
Updated November 27 2023

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Schengen visa application goes paperless!

The EU foreign ministers recently approved for the digitalisation of Schengen visa applications. Schengen visa going paperless, this means no more stickers on your passports. The Schengen visa allows nationals to visit Schengen countries in Europe for a short stay. Now, applying for a Schengen visa has become simpler.

The outcome of this result will be reflected three weeks after it is announced in the EU's administrative gazette. The Minister of Spain Fernando Grande-Marlaska, whose country currently holds the EU presidency, announces that the visa system has been made simpler for travellers.

3 Steps to apply for Schengen visa application! 

  • The Schengen visa process involves online document submission, including travel documents with biometric data and required fee payment. 
  • Those applications that are approved will undergo database cross-checks, receiving a digitally signed barcode for digital storage. 
  • First-time applicants or those with new passports may still be required to attend an in-person appointment for additional verification or to update biometric data.
  • Countries such as Australia already have similar systems in place, where the visa is linked to a person's passport without placing the sticker on it.

With our knowledge of European visas, Y-Axis can help you submit a Schengen visa application with confidence. A dedicated Schengen visa consultant will guide you through the process.

Web Story: Schengen visa application goes paperless. Just 3 steps to apply!




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