Nova Scotia’s population touches its highest ever buoyed by immigration

Nova Scotia’s population touches its highest immigration

Statistics Canada revealed that Canada’s Nova Scotia province recorded its highest population ever on the back of migration, as about 1,460 people entered into its territory during the January-March 2016 quarter.

According to the Quarterly Demographic Estimates report, the province’s population on 1 April was 947,284, an increase of 4,918 people compared with the same period last year. This would not have been possible without immigration.

The report states that 1,849 immigrants arrived in Nova Scotia during the first quarter of 2016. Most of these new arrivals were Syrian refugees. If it were not for immigration, the population of the province would have continued to fall. The population decline of Nova Scotia is happening due to the fewer number of births in this province when compared with the number of deaths here. In the first quarter of this year, 2,543 deaths were reported in the province which saw 2,005 newborns. To add to it, a lot of people migrated from Nova Scotia to other provinces in Canada. Most of them were said to be heading to Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, and British Columbia. The number of people migrating to Alberta, however, slowed down.

Nova Scotia has ten universities, besides the Nova Scotia Community College, which has 13 campuses. In addition, there are over 90 colleges in the province. If you are an Indian student who could consider studying in this province, contact Y-Axis, which with its 17 offices across India will help you go about filing for a student visa properly.

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