New Zealand Appreciates Record Immigration


The Oceanic Islands of New Zealand is in an optimistic mood as after a jaded first half of 2015, the country is rebounding into its welcoming ways. The industries of tourism and immigration for work saw a dramatic rise against last years gloomy numbers. Coming out of a three year stunt in economy, statistics published by the Government of New Zealand, the month of November showed an adjusted net gain of 6,260 long term and permanent migrants. The product of this influx has resulted in a net gain of 63,659 exact in this year.

Reason for optimism

This country in the southwest of Pacific Ocean is heavily dependent on dairy products. The last couple of years have taxed the country, especially in its dairy industry which was hit by weakened prices. This development made the Government takes measures where interest rates were slashed. The country invested in the measures by taking advantage towards positive development. In respect, New Zealand now has the most reputed banking system in the worlds with many financial safeguards in place.

Proving with numbers

Coming to the travellers, the number of short term visitors to the scenic country rose by 11.1% in comparison to last years’ statistics. This brings the total number of migrants to visit New Zealand from the beginning of this year to November to 3.09 million, which is up 8.9% from the last year.

The trend does not show any signs of slowing down, with the Chinese tourist improving the numbers dramatically. The movement of more incoming migrants than those departing forecasts that the growth will stay at least for 12 more months.

Hoping for a spill-over

The country now faces a hurdle. More tourists and fewer accommodations. After the peak season, which is December to March, there is hope that there is a spill-over into the shoulder months which will boost the year-round tourism industry going. A direct result has been a robust growth in the construction industry to compete with growing demand.

Though New Zealand is not completely out of the woods, the upbeat numbers and forecasts shine a brighter new year for its economy.

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