No country excluded from applying for e-visa, says Kuwaiti government

No country have been excluded from applying for a Kuwaiti visa

Brigadier Adel Al-Hashash, Director of Relations and Security Information at the Interior Ministry, is quoted by Thomson Reuters as telling Kuwait Times that citizens of no country have been excluded from applying for a Kuwaiti visa through the electronic visa system, but added that the Interior Ministry can exercise the rights to approve or reject a visa.

Earlier in the week, Hashash, speaking at a press conference, said that the e-visa system is operational at all air, land and sea outlets. He said that among the conditions applicants are required to meet is that they must not be possessors of temporary travel documents or laissez-passers of all kinds. In addition, they should be having no security restrictions and there must be no differences between the information provided on the visa and passport. If any of these requirements are not fulfilled, the visas will be revoked and its holder would not be allowed to enter Kuwait.

Hashash said that the ministry was keen on providing all modern instrumentation for this method, which is a part of its strategy to evolve its services. He said a fee of KD 3 would be collected at the border outlets.

According to him, their goal behind introducing this new service was to profit from the major developments in the technical field and to streamline procedures in order to serve citizens and expats by using modern technology. Hashash said that the visa holders must abide by Kuwaiti laws and not overstay the period granted to them in the visa to prevent legal action from being taken. Citizens of 52 countries, besides residents of GCC countries, are eligible to obtain an instant visa. Visa applications can be made through the Government of Interior Ministry ( website, which Hashash assured, was a safe and a fully protected portal.

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