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Posted on November 24 2023

Indians claim No.1 spot across UK Skilled Worker, Medical, and Student Visas

By  Editor
Updated November 24 2023

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Highlights of UK Skilled worker visa

  • According to the recent immigration statistics, which were released on Thursday, 23 November,
  • The number of skilled Indian workers, medical professionals, and students has increased over the past year.
  • The data collected by Official National Statistics (ONS) shows that Indians have increased in both categories, such as skilled worker visas, healthcare visas, and visitor visas. 
  • The number of dependents of Indian nationals increased from 2,127 to 43,445.
  • The latest ONS data for the 12 months until June 2023 shows the net migration to the UK is 672,000.


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Official National Statistic of UK Migration

The recent immigration statistic that was released on Thursday shows that there has been an increase in the number of Indian skilled workers, medical professionals, and students over the past year. There is an increase of Indian students in new post-study Graduate visas by 43%. The largest number of migrants in the UK are from India, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. There is an increase of 76% in Healthcare visas and a small decline of 11% in skilled worker visas by Indian applicants. The number of study visas increased by 5%. Indian nationals have difficulty getting visitor visas by 27%.


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According to the ONS data, "There were 60,506 dependants from Nigeria in the year ending September 2023, Indian nationals had the second highest number of dependants, from 2,127 to 43,445 in the same time period," Indian nationals have the second highest number of dependents because the UK had restricted overseas students bringing their dependant family members to the country. Suella Braverman, Former home secretary, said that "courses that are designated as research programs only will be permitted to bring in family members, including their parents and children."


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Jay Lindop from ONS Centre for International Migration commented, "The latest numbers given by ONS are higher than 12 months ago". The five countries that have a high immigration flow to the UK are India (253,000), Nigeria (141,000), China (89,000), Pakistan (55,000), and Ukraine (35,000).


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