EU’s Christmas Gift to Turkey: Visa free travel to Schengen Countries

Visa free travel to Schengen Countries

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan met on Turkish soil recently. This meeting brought heavy changes I the immigration world as visa regulation for Turkish citizens to travel to the EU is moving towards liberalization. Its being reported that by October next year, the changes may fall into place. Volkan Bozkir, minister for European Union affairs said that Turkish citizens can enter EU without Schengen region without visas. The deal was made in lieu of restricting migrant flow from Turkey into the EU. Turkey is being used by many migrants as a transit point to move to Greece by water, and over land through Macedonia and Serbia.

In addition, Chancellor Merkel has promised substantial financial aid and help in Turkey’s accession into the EU. Turkey has been hosting more than 2 million refugees at its borders. The deal will help douse popular opinion against hosting illegals.

A mini summit of EU members also included the Turkish delegation, and the draft proposal that was a byproduct of the summit is being read by the EU’s Committee of Permanent Representatives (COREPER). The changes to Turkey’s visa exemption to the Schengen region is supposed to come into the drafting stage after the liberalization draft by COREPER towards resettling illegals can be finalized by March next year. Post these changes, Turkey has to recognize the Greek half of Cyprus officially.

The proposal highlight’s a financial aid promised by EU to provide Euro 3 million in support of Turkey hosting refugees as a starter sum with more to follow. Around Euro 500 million will be shared in the next couple of months to get the changes going.

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Original Source:Hurriyet Daily News


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