Drop in Indian Students Worries the UK Cabinet


Soon after Cameron government limited post-study visas only for applicants earning a higher salary, the number of visa applications from Indian students have seen a decline. So much so that, Britain’s Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills, Vince Cable, is set to make a India visit sometime in October next month.

Mr. Vince is quoted to have said that his party believes in an “open, and welcoming approach.” During his recent speech at Sarat Bose Memorial Lecture, he said, “there is lot of tension (in the cabinet), and there is deep disagreement in our coalition”.

The minister’s visit therefore is aimed to encourage more Indians take up studies in the UK with lenient post-study visa rules in place.

Indian students who choose UK for studies earlier had an option to work post-study to repay their loans, debts, and gain valuable experience before they returned to India.

So if the minister has a good package to offer to the Indian students, then the drop in visa application can be reversed. However, only time will tell what the new rules will be like. Let us wait and watch.

Source: Zee News


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