Canada mulling raising maximum age of dependent children to below 22 on immigrant applications

The Canada increasing the age of child immigrant applications to less than 22 years

The Canadian government is considering increasing the maximum age of dependent children on immigrant applications to less than 22 years.

If it gets approved, it would be effective from fall 2017 and would be applicable to applications submitted on the date of regulation and thereafter.

As of now, dependent children of primary applicants should be aged less than 19 to be eligible for permanent resident status in Canada

CIC News quotes the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) as stating that the changes that were being proposed would provide permanent resident status to young adults who would have been ineligible for permanent resident status as primary applicants under an economic immigration programme only till they complete post-secondary education and earn considerable work experience.

This proposed plan would allow more immigrant families to stay together, facilitating them to integrate into Canadian society quickly and in a much better way. It also provides them a route to procure a job and future in this North American country.

The statement of IRCC also said that education played a pivotal role in this decision for the maximum age being raised.

This proposal is in accordance with the socioeconomic trend governing that children stay with their parents at home for a longer period.

The statement adds that with the age limit being raised, many post-secondary students would be entitled to be considered dependent children when they are pursuing their undergraduate studies.

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