Bangalore City Station Goes WiFi, Others to Follow

Bangalore - WifiBangalore City Station of the “Silicon Valley of India” goes WiFi. Much to the respite of travellers to and from Bangalore, the central railway station is now WiFi enabled. The city known for its youth and vibrant culture has more to add to that status now, with Bangalore City  Station being the first in India to have such facility.

Everybody  commuting through the popular known “Majestic Station” can quickly connect to the WiFi and start browsing. The first 30 minutes of usage will be free, then a small amount have to be paid to continue browsing. There are WiFi help desks at the station that sell scratch cards priced at Rs. 25 and Rs. 30 and allow an hour of browsing.

The top-up cards will be valid for 24 hours. If not from the card counters, one can go online and use his/her credit or debit card to buy the browsing credit and get started.

The Bangalore station witnesses more than 200,000 passengers each day from different parts of the country. Some come in search a job, some to attend international events, to set up business, to sightsee, and many to enjoy the wonderful culture this city has to offer.

Bangalore enjoys the highest share of educated migrants from across India. Thus a WiFi enabled train junction was much needed tool for the young to commute while keeping in touch with their friends, family, and of course the world affairs.

Delhi station, CST station in Mumbai, Dadar and Thane stations are also in line to offer the facility soon.

Source: DNA India

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