Applications for US Student Visa Rise by 80%

Rise in Applications for US Student Visa

Owing to an overwhelming number of applications for student visa that the US consulate in Hyderabad is experiencing, the consulate is set to increase its staff count in order to effectively manage operations. Given the fact that most visa application interviews are conducted on a time-slot basis, consulate members at Hyderabad are finding it extremely difficult to process the flood of visa applications. The consulate in Hyderabad is one of the busiest in India, with an average of 800 to 1,000 students visiting the centre every day. At present, a team comprising seven consulate members interviews the candidates.

Consular Chief of the US Consulate General’s office at Hyderabad – Jamie Fouss – said on Thursday that a formal request has already been made to the Indian government to permit the consulate to add new resources at the Hyderabad centre. Fouss said that in the past five years, applications for student visas at the Hyderabad consulate have witnessed an 80% growth, stretching the visa appointment window from a week’s time to a month, thanks to the huge demand.

Mr. Fouss made these announcements to the media in his address to consulate members gathered to celebrate the US Student Visa day this Thursday. It was also revealed that close to 16 students were handed over their passports with visa stamps at the time of interview, which left them surprised. Students chosen among 4,000 interviewees across the five US consulates in India, participated in a session where they got a chance to interact with university officials and alumni in the US. According to information provided by the consulate officials, a second building in Nanakramguda would open in the later part of year 2020. Plans are in place to increase the windows from 16 to 52 at the Hyderabad centre, which would be the largest in the country for consular services.

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