African Union moots proposal to introduce single passport throughout the continent

African Union moots proposal to introduce single passport

The African Union (AU), which represents 54 states, is planning to ease travel between different countries of the continent with a single passport. It has set itself the target of doing away with a visa for unrestricted movement within African continent by 2018.

The idea of the AU is based on the EU Schengen seamless movement pact. At present, 13 countries in Africa have entered into visa-free deals with each other, allowing citizens of one country to enter another country without the need of a visa. Even people from the US are eligible to travel to 20 of Africa’s countries without a visa, or obtain a visa on arrival.

Heads of the countries across the continent will first trial the new electronic African Union passport just before the African Union Summit, which is scheduled to be held in Rwanda in July.

The AU, in a statement, said that the aim of this initiative is to facilitate people, services and goods to freely move across the continent with an aim to encourage better trade ties and socio-economic development of entire Africa.

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