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Posted on September 01 2022

78000 F1 visas issued to Indians till July 2022: 30% increase compared to 2021

By  Editor
Updated May 10 2023

78000 F1 visas issued to Indians till July 2022 30% increase compared to 2021

Highlights of F1 visas issued to Indians till July 2022

  • The number of international students who received F1 visas from the USA. It has doubled, compared to last year.
  • China has sent around 99,431 students to the US, whereas India is able to send 87,258 and South Korea sent 16,865 students to the US respectively.
  • India has a higher share in obtaining UK student Visas, next to the USA.

The USA issues F1 visas

The issuance of F1 visas has doubled compared to 2021.

Country name Number of Students
China 99,431
India 87,258
South Korea 16,865

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Post-pandemic all the travel restrictions have been eased and now the students have started applying for student visas in the USA. The global focus has now been shifted once again to F1 Visas. The USA has been delivering F1 Visas in a high number than the Chinese.

Based on the data report released by US State Department, around 77,779 F1 visas have been given to Indians and 46,145 to Chinese between January to July 2022.

Usually, more Chinese students fly for studies to the USA than Indians, which is an added advantage to the Chinese.

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 Statistics for F1 visas

During the year 2021, around 99,431 Chinese students received F1 visas. This year student visas have been scaled up and have benefited in favor of India and the data that is shown states that more Indians in July received student visas and joined Universities in the USA straightaway.

Post-COVID, the number of Chinese students is been reduced and the Indian student population is increased. Although the current Chinese population in the USA is higher than in India. South Korea stands as the third country to send students to the USA after China and India.

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Student visa application process changed by US Embassy in 2022

The following table depicts the number of students who have received student visas from the USA from the countries for three consecutive years is mentioned below.

Year Country name Number of students
2019 China India $16 billion $8 billion
2020 China India 4,853 21,908
2021 China India South Korea 99,431 87,258 16,865

During 2020, due to the COVID-19 effect, 4853 students have come from China and 21,908 Indians received F1 visas. In 2021, F1 visa acquirement doubled. In 2019, the USA attracted $44 billion i.e., before the pandemic.

 The international students select the United Kingdom as their study destination, then the USA. The issuance of education visas for Indian students is more than for Chinese in the United Kingdom (UK). UK provided 117,965 education visas to Indian students a total of 486,868 issued by the UK Government.

 This depicts an 89% rise in student visas for Indians. Around 115,056 visas have been received by the Chinese from the UK Government. The Indians' share in getting study visas was 21% higher for the UK whereas the Chinese have seen a dip of around 4% in obtaining study visas for the UK in 2020.

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