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Posted on December 09 2022

1 Million immigrants got US citizenship in FY 2022

By  Editor
Updated May 10 2023

1 Million immigrants got US citizenship in FY 2022

Highlights of 1 Million immigrants who got US citizenship in FY 2022

  • The United States has set a new history for the third time by granting US citizenship to 1 million foreign immigrants in 2022.
  • The top 5 birth countries of the immigrants who received US citizenship are Mexico, India, Cuba, the Philippines, and the Dominican Republic.
  • Considering the US citizen parents, dependent children who derived US citizenship is 1,023,200 immigrants were naturalized in FY 2022.
  • Along with the State Department's overseas visa requests, the USCIS has processed 275,111 employment-related green card requests for immigrants.

USA sanctions 1M Citizenship to immigrants in 2022

US records a third highest yearly score of US citizenship in United States history. 1 million foreign immigrants were granted US citizenship in FY 2022.    As per the USCIS data, the top five birth countries of the immigrants who have received US citizenship through naturalization are:  
  • Mexico
  • India
  • Cuba
  • The Dominican Republic
  • The Philippines
The USCIS has processed a record level of 275,111 employment-based green cards. With the end of a 12-month period which ended on September 30, 2022, 967,400 foreigners have sworn for the naturalization process in the US. Including the parents and dependent children of US citizens and some other cases, a total of 1,023,200 foreigners became US citizens in FY 2022.

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The USA restores waivers for the disabled applying for US citizenship

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Statistics for immigrants naturalized as US citizens

United States began to track naturalizations in FY 1907. The table below shows the number of immigrants who have received US citizenship based on the years which crossed 800,000.

Year Number of immigrants becoming US citizens
1996 1 M (1,040,991)
1999 837.4K
2000 886K
2008 1 M (1,046,539)
2019 843.6K
2021 813.9K
2022 967.4K

US permanent residency to US citizenship

  • Most naturalized citizens can get citizenship after staying in the United States as permanent residents of the country for 3-5 years and will obtain legal residency ship.
  • Immigrants who have served in the military can be certified for a special and fast-track naturalization process.
  • The candidates are required to prove that they can speak, read, and write and have good knowledge of US history and the government system.

Benefits of US citizenship

  • Foreign immigrants who have U.S. citizenship will be able to vote in federal elections.
  • Can obtain American passports
  • Will be eligible to sponsor family members to bring them to the US using a fast process.

Eased US immigration policies.

The current government has eased many policies and removed bureaucratic barriers which were like hurdles in the U.S citizenship process and encouraged immigrants to become citizens.

The immigration authorities planned campaigns to handle and resolve the massive backlogs of US visa and citizenship applications.

Implementations of US immigration authorities

USCIS has extended the work authorizations for the individuals who applied for renewals. This applies to immigrants who have faced delays in work permits.

The US immigration authorities plan to increase the staff to take care growing number of humanitarian programs and the refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine

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