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Posted on January 16 2023

K Shruthi Rao thanks Y-Axis IELTS tutor Shivani A

By  Editor
Updated April 26 2023
Hope you’re doing well. I’m Shruthi Rao, one of your students who is undertaking IELTS lessons from you at Y-Axis. I would like to start off with a humble Thank You. Your methods of teaching is highly appreciated. Though I’m fluent in English, I was quite nervous about IELTS as there is a required score that I need to obtain. However, with your classes, and the tips and tricks that you enlighten us with, although still a little anxious,  I’m a lot more confident that with your sessions and constant practice, I will be able to ace the exam. Furthermore, I have to admit that I’m quite in awe with your vocabulary and fluency in English. While we have just begun the classes, I’m eagerly looking forward to this journey of learning experience. Thank you once again.  

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