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Posted on October 22 2022

Devesh Dodeja shares his experience about Y-Axis IELTS team

By  Editor
Updated April 26 2023
I had no prior experience undertaking an online program. For this reason, after I enrolled into this program, I was wondering whether the program would be well orchestrated or if would it be chaos. I am glad to say that I have had a great experience with this training program. Mr. Anthony Rajan is a subject matter expert. He was very clear about the course content and how to cover all of it with ease within one and hour class duration. He made the class very interactive by paying close attention to every participant, identifying their strengths and the areas where they need improvement. He motivated and made the participants express themselves. He is very courteous and easy to talk with. Another commendable thing was the presence of a technology support staff member during the training program. They made the training smooth from a technology point of view. There were no downtime and no serious issues with audio or video in any of the class sessions. This training program has helped me identify the mistakes I was making in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. I am able to identify my own mistakes and to ensure I don't repeat them. I believe this will help me score high on the IELTS exam. My sincere thanks to the people behind the curtain who got unnoticed but made this program successful with their contribution. I thank and congratulate the entire team of the Y-Axis IELTS training program.

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