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Posted on November 23 2022

Bhasu S Menon thanks Y-Axis IELTS Tutor Anthony Rajan

By Editor
Updated April 26 2023
Apologies for the long delay in sharing my IELTS scorecard. However, I was disappointed with myself as it indicates my performance in the exam was quite below expectations. I have scored an overall score of 7.0, with scores of 7.5 in Reading, 7.5 in Speaking and 7.0 in Writing, and 6.5 in Listening. This turned out to be a shock for me because I felt I had done pretty well in the listening module of my IELTS exam. Maybe I didn't do so well on that given day, as most of my practice tests from the portals you had shared - such as http://ielts-up.com and http://ieltsliz.com I was able to score around 8.0 and 8.5 bands. I plan to write the exam again, after a couple of months. Meanwhile, I will need to practice more rigorously and do well to ensure I am able to get better scores this time. I know I have disappointed you as a student. Apologies again Anthony. IELTS-up: free online IELTS preparation resource, where you can find IELTS test samples, lessons and exercises, score-maximizing strategy etc.

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