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Posted on April 24 2012

I would like to thank Y-Axis for helping and guiding me throughout my journey Y-Axis Services

By Editor
Updated April 26 2023
Dear Y-Axis team, Firstly, I would like to thank Y-Axis for helping and guiding me throughout my journey of getting an Australian PR visa. My journey with Y-Axis started in Feb 2011 when I approached your Bangalore office regarding AU PR. John Rathinam was the one who appropriately guided me to the right kind of visa and started working on my case. Later my case was assigned to Suraj Bhan for further processing. Though John is no loner with the organization, I would still like to thank him for rightly starting the process and being a nice Guide. Then on, I started working with Suraj for processing of my PR visa. He has been excellent in the way he works. His guidance in preparing all the required documents, applying for skills assessment, qualification assessment etc. Has been very helpful. He is short and to the point when he communicates. He takes right decisions and guides appropriately to ensure that the entire process is seamless to the Client. Finally, AU PR visa has been granted to me on 19th April. Suraj - My hearty thanks to you for all the guidance, support and helping hand. You are good in what you have done. Continue the good work. As they say in Oz, Cheers Mate!! Y-Axis team - I have been a Happy Customer of your company and wanted to thank all of you. So writing this token of appreciation. You guys are doing great. Continue the good work and keep up the spirits. Regards, Shailendra

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