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Posted on November 15 2023

Why the PTE exam is very significant?

By Editor
Updated November 15 2023

Why take PTE?

  • Accepted by educational institutions worldwide
  • Quick score delivery
  • Easy availability of test dates
  • For purposes of immigrating   
  • Can prepare for it at home 

Why the PTE exam is very significant? 

Recognized worldwide 

Though the Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a relatively new exam, it has quickly gained acceptance in many countries, such as Australia, Canada, the USA, the UK, and others. 

The PTE is accepted now by thousands of colleges and universities globally, including prestigious ones such as Oxford University and the Ivy League institutions, as a standardized computer-based English proficiency test.   

Students who have taken the PTE can use its score to apply for permanent immigration to New Zealand and Australia.

Rapid results

A major reason PTE is beneficial is that its test results are quickly provided. Furthermore, Pearson Group makes the test results available within five working days of the test. That way, it considerably reduces the total time taken from registration to the test results, making it convenient for test-takers to initiate their visa processes quickly.

Easily available test dates and venues

The major advantage of the PTE test is that it offers applicants more than 350 test centers in over 65 countries, making it easy to book a test date just a day before the test. 

Applicable for applying for visas 

Since the PTE test is one of the top standardized tests for assessing English language proficiency, it provides students a path to apply to the world’s renowned universities and also makes several job opportunities available for immigrants globally. Apart from being accepted for application by umpteen colleges and universities across the world, the major countries in the Southern Hemisphere - Australia and New Zealand – accept it as a valid test for work visa and residency applications.

Convenient and advanced test format

The PTE’s convenient and innovative test format offers several opportunities for its applicants to score highly in the exam. While tests like IELTS and TOEFL feature interviewers in the speaking section, in the PTE test, test-takers voices are recorded, and their speaking skills are tested as answers to questions the exam poses, making it hassle-free for reticent candidates who struggle when they face interviewers one-on-one. 

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Advantages of taking the PTE

What makes PTE test so special?


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