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Posted on April 05 2022

What is the average salary in Australia for 2022?

By  Editor
Updated January 10 2024

According to Salary Explorer, an online salary comparison portal, the average salary / Wage of an individual in Australia for 2022 is around 90,800 AUD per year.   Salaries can range from 23,000 AUD to 405,000 AUD in 2022. Included in the average wage are housing, transport, and supplementary benefits.  

Median salary  

The median salary or the middle salary value is 89,000 AUD per year. It shows that 50% of the population earns less than this amount while the other 50% earn above this amount.  

Role of experience in salaries  

The more experienced individuals earn higher salaries when taken on an average. For instance, employees with more than 20 years of experience receive a gross average income of 144,00 AUD compared to 55,002 AUD for those with one year of work experience. The difference between salaries earned by those with more than 20 years of experience and ones with 0-1 Year is 140%.   Salaries based on experience can differ across locations and from one discipline to another.  

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Average wages in Australia for 2022  

Education factor in salary  

Also revealed was that salaries are determined by educational qualifications, allowing those with higher academic levels to earn more. People in the same profession also had different pay levels due to their educational levels.   Holders of doctorate degrees earn the highest cumulative gross incomes in Australia. The least salary is drawn by those with less than high school levels education.  

Average salary by occupation

The highest gross salaries among engineers are for electrical engineers whose annual gross pay is 92,800 AUD, followed by mechanical engineers at 91,800 AUD, and civil engineers at 83,700 AUD. For instance, waiters and waitresses were at the lower end of the spectrum, with annual average gross pay of 28,600 AUD.  

Average salary by designations

Chief executive officers (CEOs) earn an annual gross salary of 204,400 AUD and are among the highest earners. General Managers earn around 167,000 AUD a year. A chef earns a gross annual wage of 59,400 AUD, while teachers earn per year AUD 74,880.  

Average salary by job category

Those having permanent jobs earn more than those in contractual employment, while those earning the least annual gross income were part-time jobholders.

Average incomes by city

When you view the salaries of those working in large Australian cities, employees in Sydney earn the highest with annual gross earnings of 108,00 AUD, followed by those in Melbourne with 106,000 AUD, and the citizens of Gosford earn the least at 88,900 AUD.

Average incomes by sector

On the other hand, bonuses are highest for employees in finance, followed by architecture, sales, business development, and marketing/advertising. While the bonuses for workers IT, healthcare, insurance, and human resources were moderate, bonuses for employees in construction, transport, and hospitality were reported to be poor.   Moreover, those in the public sector earn gross annual average incomes of 93,000 AUD while the private sector employees make 88,600 AUD.  

*Meanwhile, the average hourly pay for an Australian is 44 AUD.  

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Australia’s average wages


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