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Posted on February 17 2023

Finland- popular overseas career destination in Europe

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Why to work in Finland?  

  • Finland has been maintaining its position as the "Happiest Country in the World" for five years.
  • As of Feb 7, 2023, the country's total population stands at 5,563,033 with a per capita GDP of 50,818.38 USD.
  • The working hours in Finland are 37.5 hours per week with multiple employment benefits.
  • As of 2022, 48,086 was the registered number of immigrants who migrated to Finland for a better lifestyle.
  • 80% of international employees find Finland to be a safe and secure country.

Job opportunities in Finland

Finland offers lucrative job opportunities for skilled immigrants with the public sector, customer service and construction industries being the top 3 most demanded niches. 

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Below is a table with the list of top in-demand jobs and shortage occupations list.

Jobs in Finland

In-demand jobs In-demand shortage occupations
Customer service Programmer
Public sector & organization Speech therapists
Healthcare industry Nurse
Industry & Technology Engineer
Tourism & Hospitality Auto mechanic
Sales & Trade Business consultant
Construction Accountant
Student part-time jobs Kindergarten teacher

The Finnish government has loosened the immigration rules to facilitate more internationally skilled workers to work in the country. 

Some of the changes that have been introduced are given below – 

No language requirements – International migrants who wish to work in Finland do not have to learn the native language, Finnish. The government has relaxed the rule hoping to invite more migrants to the country. 

Reduction in application fee – The fee for the application for a Finland passport has been reduced to make it more affordable for applicants. 

Facilities: The expats and their assisted families can enjoy benefits, including daycare facilities, housing & accommodation, and schooling facilities with other additional advantages. 

Work visa options

Candidates who belong to Non-EU countries must first apply for a resident permit before working in Finland. The work permit solely depends on the type of work chosen by the candidate. The three categories of work visas offered by Finland are as follows –

Business visa: With a business visa, the candidate can live up to 90 days in Finland. The business visa is applicable only during the onboarding process and for those who do not intend to stay back in the country to seek employment. A business visa will not authorize the candidate to work a job but will permit them to attend seminars and conferences related to work.

Residence permit for self-employment: This type of permit can be authorized to individuals who belong to a company, including associates, private business people, or cooperative leaders. To qualify for the license, the candidate must be registered with the Trade Register at the National Patent and Registration Board.

Residence -permit for an employed person – This type of visa is the most sought-after visa category and comes with three different types –

  • Continuous (A)
  • Temporary (B)
  • Permanent (P)

A temporary visa must be applied for by candidates seeking residency for the first time in Finland. A temporary residency permit is issued as a fixed-term or a continuous residence permit, depending on the course of the stay.

The first permit is given for one year unless you opt for a shorter time frame. Candidates with an ongoing permit can extend their validity for another three years.

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