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Hebbal is situated in the northern part of Bangalore. It was originally famous for the Hebbal lake. It is now known for several flyovers. The place is also known for its office buildings and commercial establishments.

Y-Axis, a leading migration company has established a branch in Hebbal. As a leading consultant for Canada immigration in Bangalore our newest branch is an endeavor to maintain our reputation as a leading PR agency in Bangalore.

Our dedication and commitment have made us an expert Canada consultancy in Bangalore.

About Y-Axis Immigration Consultancy in Hebbal

From our first office in the city in 2000 to the latest one in Hebbal, Y-Axis has become a reputed work visa consultant in Bangalore. Our long innings in Bangalore have helped many residents of the city realize their overseas dream.

ADDRESS:  Level 7, Mfar Greenheart, Manyata Tech Park, Hebbal, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore -560045

PHONE:   +91 7670 800 001
TIMINGS: Mon to Sat – 10 AM to 6.30 PM

Y-Axis Hebbal Bangalore

As one of the leading Canada PR consultants in Bangalore, we assist people of the city to Migrate Overseas, Work Overseas, Invest Overseas, Visit Overseas, and Study Overseas.

Y-Axis offers comprehensive and complete solutions to all your visa and immigration requirements.

Key Services Being Offered by Y-Axis Electronics City

 Ever since we opened our first branch in Bangalore in 1999, we are committed to help people achieve their immigration dreams. We are one of the top immigration consultants in Bangalore.

Y-Axis offers services to help people migrate to several countries which include Singapore, Austria, Hong Kong, U.K., Germany, U.S.A., Canada, and Australia.

We can help you migrate, study, work or live in these countries. Our streamlined counselling and application process for various visas makes us a trusted immigration consultant in the city.  We make efforts to understand your preferences and requirements and suggest the best options for you.

We are updated on the latest changes in immigration policies and laws and based on your individual profile and preferences short-list the countries where you will have the best chances for success.

Y-Axis is your one-stop-shop for everything related to visa and immigration. We help you migrate to –

Do keep in mind that as the rules and procedures differ in each country, the overall costs, as well as the processing time, will be affected accordingly.

What are the key services offered by Y-Axis?

We understand that every individual migrates for different reasons. This means a different visa application process for each person. A visa might be needed for various reasons such as:

Different visas mean a different visa application procedure, requirements, and documents needed.

Y-Axis offers a wide range of services:        

Y-Axis Eligibility Evaluation: The Y-Axis points calculator helps you asses the strength of your profile. These are the components of the Y-Axis Eligibility Evaluation:

  • Score Card
  • Country Profile
  • Occupation Profile
  • Documentation List
  • Cost & Time Estimate
  • Best Options Based on Your Profile.

Coaching:  Our coaching services help you practice for the standardized tests that countries rely on to pick out the eligible visa applications. A good score in these tests helps you score over other applicants.  As India’s #1 Visas & Immigration company, Y-Axis offers you the best coaching for these tests:



Concierge: The visa application procedure involves a lot of documentation. Keeping track of the documentation can be troublesome. The Y-Axis Concierge service helps you with these seemingly small, yet essential, tasks. Services offered by us include:

Visas:  We arrange the following visas for our clients.

  • PR Visas
    PR Visa 
  • Visitor Visas
    Visitor Visa 
  • Study Visas
    Study Visa 
  • Business Visas
    Business Visa 
  • Investor Visas
    Investor Visa 
  • Dependent Visas
    Dependent Visa

Overseas Jobs: With this service we help our clients find jobs in the following high-in-demand sectors:

With more than 40 offices and nearly a million success stories, we have established our presence in the field of visas and immigration consultancy.

Get in touch with our representative for a free consultation.

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  • Y-Axis is one of the best consultants in India for Canada & Australia PR Processing. They have very good & knowledgeable staff who can assist in any queries. They are prompt in replying and keeps us updated in the stages of processing. Thanks to Y-Axis for helping many of my friends and relatives in the process.
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