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Posted on February 02 2021

Top in-demand jobs for Canada 2021

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
top 10 in demand jobs canada With the worst phase of the Coronavirus pandemic hopefully getting over, Canada is looking at reviving its economy and businesses are revving up to chart a growth path once again. Canada ranks #1 in COVID-19 vaccination among countries with 10+ million population. More than 60% of Canadian employers are looking at rehiring employees who were laid off due to the pandemic. Certain jobs are expected to be in high demand in 2021. According to predictions by Randstad Canada, a human resource consulting firm, there are certain jobs that will be in high demand in this year considering the situation created by the pandemic. The prospects will be good for those with specialized skills. The Randstad report says that the following jobs will be in demand in Canada for 2021. Top in-demand jobs for 2021
1 HR manager
2 Financial advisor
3 Truck driver
4 Registered nurse
5 Software developer
6 Electrical engineer
7 Technology worker
8 Accountant
 HR manager Human resource managers manage and control the operations of the human resources department in the organization. They draft and implement policies and programs related to human resource planning, recruitment, training and development, payroll administration. In Canada, they are employed both in private and public sectors. During the pandemic, they are responsible for developing HR policies such as health and safety practices and remote work policies. [embed][/embed] Financial advisor With the pandemic making many people feel financially insecure, financial advisors are very much in demand. They are required to provide the right support and advice to individuals. Truck driver Transport truck drivers play an important role in moving goods from one place to another. They form an important part of the supply chain in manufacturing and FMCG businesses. Truck drivers in Canada are involved in transporting goods between cities, provinces and even international routes. They are in demand now because they are responsible for transport of medical supplies to hospitals and also essential goods across Canada. Registered nurse Canada was facing a shortage of nurses even before the pandemic. The requirement for registered nurse has only increased in the pandemic especially for those who are experienced in critical care. The estimate is that Canada will need around 60,000 nurses by 2022. Software developer The trend of working from home and the growing use of ecommerce sites especially during the pandemic has increased the demand for software developers. For software developers, new job openings over the period between 2019-2028 is expected to be 27,500. The reasons for the demand include the need to replace workers who have moved into other positions or fill openings due to new job creation. Another reason for demand is the anticipated growth in the computer, telecommunications and mobile technology fields. Electrical engineer Electrical engineers can find employment in electrical equipment companies, communication companies, electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers, consulting firms and manufacturing, processing and transportation industries and by the government. Electrical engineers are required by companies especially those that deal with complex communications systems that is essential during the pandemic. Electrical engineers who have more than just technical skills are very much in demand. Technology worker The technology sector has always faced a skill shortage. To meet this shortage provinces such as Ontario and British Columbia have specific immigration programs focusing on recruiting for the technology sector. Openings in this sector include software engineers, computer programmers, graphic designers etc. Accountant The pandemic has brought about financial insecurity. Accountants can help businesses gain access to government funding and tax relief. They also help businesses take important financial decisions. They can find employment in either public or private sector accounting and auditing firms or departments or public sector accounting and auditing departments The in-demand jobs in Canada for 2021 are found in different sectors. Migrants with the required set of qualifications can hope to find a job suitable for their skills. This makes Canada an attractive option for an overseas career. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Launched in 2015, the Express Entry system is the most popular route for Canada immigration. 67-points as eligibility calculation will have to be scored to be able to enter the pool of candidates. 3 of the main economic immigration programs of Canada come under the federal Express Entry system. A foreign skilled worker can apply through the Federal Skilled Worker Program [FSWP]. Those skilled in a trade and looking to immigrate to Canada can apply under the Federal Skilled Trades Program [FSTP]. Previous – as well as recent – work experience in Canada makes an individual eligible for the Canadian Experience Class [CEC]. Working part-time, while studying abroad in Canada full-time, will not be considered as work experience towards work experience for the CEC. Canadian Provincial Nominee Program [PNP] also has various immigration pathways available. If taking the PNP route to Canada, there must be a clear intention of living within the nominating province/territory after acquiring permanent residence.

411,000 newcomers are to be welcomed by Canada in 2022.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Do you want to explore other Job Trends in Canada? Here is a ready list for you.



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