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Germany needs 260,000 immigrant workers every year

Posted on June 29, 2019
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Germany needs 260,000 immigrant workers every year

Germany requires minimum 260,000 immigrant workers every year till 2060. This is in order to cater to the shortages of workers owing to demographic decrease. This has been revealed by a study for the labour market in Germany.  

Out of this figure, nearly 146,000 immigrant workers will have to arrive in Germany from outside the EU. This is as per the research study made public by the Bertelsmann Foundation, as quoted by the DW.  

The labour force in Germany is projected to decline by 1/3rd or roughly 16 million workers owing to the aging population by 2060. This is in the absence of immigration. This shortage of labour can have a disastrous impact on the 4th largest economy in the world.  

As per the calculated circumstances, the birth rate is rising as per the researchers. The number of women workers has increased and the pension age has moved higher to reach 70 years.  

It has been estimated by the study that 114,000 individuals would migrate from other EU nations. However, this will be impacted by economic convergence and demographic factors within the bloc of 28 nations. This will decrease the incentive for immigrant workers to reside and work in Germany.  

Bertelsmann Foundation executive director Jörg Dräger elaborated on the figures. He said that the official figures reveal that just 38,000 workers arrived and remained in Germany.  

The research was held by University of Coburg and Institute for Employment Research.  

Aspiring immigrants to Germany can opt for the Jobseeker Visa even if they do not have a job offer yet. It permits them to stay in the nation for 6 months and search for a job in Germany. You will be offered the Germany Work Visa if you get a job at the end of 6 months.  

Applicants of the Germany Jobseeker Visa will require the following: 

  • Be qualified to apply
  • Collate all the required documents 
  • Fill the application form and book appointment for Visa 

There are many criteria that must be fulfilled by the applicants to qualify for filing an application for Germany Jobseeker visa: 

  • Have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a University in Germany or an equivalent overseas degree 
  • Have at least 5 years of work experience in the corresponding field of study 
  • Offer evidence that you have adequate fund to cater to the stay in Germany in the Visa 
  • Have medical or travel insurance for the complete period of stay in Germany or till the time you get a Work Visa

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