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What do new Germany migration laws mean for Overseas Workers?

Posted on June 25, 2019
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Germany migration

Germany adopted many new migration laws earlier this month. These were aimed at easing the integration of overseas workers into the labour market in Germany.

The new set of migration laws are aimed at attracting skilled overseas vocational workers with skills in the German language. This includes those from outside the European Union. These also offer reduced red tape and eased Germany Visas process to them, as quoted by the Local.

The new law is applicable for overseas nationals who have filed an application for asylum in Germany. It also includes those who are applying for a Germany Work Visa.

The implications for overseas workers:

The new migration laws pertaining to overseas workers were passed with an obvious majority vote in the Bundestag. This paves way for eligible workers from outside the EU to arrive in Germany.

The Government has estimated that the new laws will bring extra 25,000 skilled overseas workers to Germany annually. Germany is anxious to fill the skills gaps in its industries starving with workers.

One of the most crucial changes is that it eliminates one rule for companies. It is that required the companies to prove that neither EU nor German national could be identified. This is to fill the position that was offered to an immigrant.

The new migration laws also relax restrictions that offer preference to overseas workers only for filling the supposed ‘bottleneck jobs’. These are occupations that have many vacancies. It includes the Electrical Engineering, IT industry, and the Care Sector. This will open up other sectors in Germany for overseas workers.

Another section of the laws is for skilled overseas workers. It includes IT Technicians, Builders, Metallurgy Workers, or Cooks. They can now arrive in Germany for 6 months for searching a job. This is if they can support themselves financially.

The Government has already said that it wants to ensure that it does not deport the wrong people when it comes to asylum seekers. So those who speak German and with no criminal record are more likely to be permitted to stay. They must also have some skills or preparedness to learn some skills.

Social Democrat the centre-left parliamentary group Spokesman Lars Castellucci stressed that Germany requires immigration.

Eva Högl SPD faction Deputy Leader said that the new migration laws should send the appropriate signals. It is that eligible job seekers from outside the EU can arrive in Germany, added Högl.

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