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Toronto ranks #1 among the top 25 best cities in the world


Highlights: Toronto as best city among top 25 cities in the world

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Toronto in the list of top 25 cities for its education and top-tier businesses

Toronto listed in the top 25 cities as plenty of top-tier businesses are available in the biggest city in Canada. Other cities of Canada are Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, and Montreal that made their places in the top 100 best cities globally. According to the report, the University of Toronto got the ninth rank, and residents of the city got the 20th rank as they are the most educated people on earth.

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It is expected that the talent in Toronto will boost the economy of the country as it already has 500 global head offices. According to the Centre for Urban Research and Land Development study, Toronto is the fastest-growing city in North America.

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Montreal popular for its European culture

Montreal made its place in the top 100 cities due to its response during and after the pandemic. The culture of the city has been ranked at 22. McGill University in the city got 27th rank while Université de Montréal was ranked as 57.

Ranks of Calgary, Ottawa, and Vancouver

Ottawa, the capital city of Canada has been ranked at 96. The residents of the country have been ranked at 15 due to education. There are 1,800 businesses in the cities related to life sciences, technology, software, digital media, software, and aerospace. The city is ranked at 79 due to its GDP per capita. Thousands of jobs are available in the city and the cost of living is also very low in comparison to other cities in the country.

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Calgary is ranked at 65 in the terms of best cities but due to GDP per capita, it received 22nd rank. The unemployment rate in the city is high over the past year.

Vancouver is ranked at 69 in the global ranking due to its universities, culture, and beauty. University of British Columbia is ranked 18th.

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