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1+ Million Job Vacancies in Canada, StatCan Report

1+ Million Job Vacancies in Canada, StatCan Report

Highlights: Canada has more than 1 million job vacancies

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More than 1 million job vacancies in Canada

Labour Force Survey conducted by Statistics Canada revealed that employment in the country rose by 0.5 percent. In December 2022, the number of jobs available was 104,000 and the unemployment rate was 5.0 percent.

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Job trends in Canada

Immigrants come to Canada to have a great career as there are many job opportunities in different sectors. The average hourly wage across Canada was above 5 percent for the first 7 months and it was up by 5.1 percent year-over-year. Employees in private sector jobs were increased by 112,000.

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Employment also improved according to different age groups. Job vacancies for individuals aged between 15 and 24 increased by 69,000. The number of job vacancies was also increased by 31,000 for individuals aged 55 and above.

Number of job vacancies by industries

There are seven industries in which the number of job vacancies increased till December 2022. The details can be found in the table below:

Industry Increase by number Percentage increase
Construction 35,000 2.3
Transportation and Warehousing 29,000 3
Information, Culture and Recreation 25,000 3.1
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services 23,000 1.3
Accommodation and Food Services 13,000 1.2
Public Administration 11,000 0.9
Other Services 10,000 1.3

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Job vacancies available in provinces and territories

There are six provinces where number of job vacancies increased. The details can be found in the table below:

Provinces Increase by number Percentage increase Unemployment rate
Ontario 42,000 0.5 5.3
Alberta 25,000 1 5.98
British Columbia 17,000 0.6 4.2
Manitoba 7,000 1 4.4
Saskatchewan 4,200 0.7 4.1
Newfoundland and Labrador NA 2.9 10.1

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