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Posted on February 04 2023

Enhanced PNP vs. Base PNP. Which one is better?

By  Editor
Updated April 27 2023
  Canada Provincial Nominee Programs first came into existence and was applied in 1998. It has since helped many potential immigrants from across the world to migrate to Canada. PNP offers two different streams for candidates who wish to apply through PNP. The PNP stream includes regular PNP and the Express entry-oriented PNP, also known as base PNP and Enhanced PNP. Let’s learn more about Base PNP and Enhanced PNP to understand better which one to choose. *Check your eligibility to Canada through Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points calculator.

Base PNP vs. Enhanced PNP

Base PNP Enhanced PNP
The regular PNP is known as the Base PNP. The Express Entry-based PNP is known as the Enhanced PNP.
The Base PNP is done through the Non-Express entry program. The Enhanced nomination is done through the Express Entry program.
The PNP program of Canada mainly focuses on advancing the merits of immigration throughout Canada by giving authority to territories and provinces to elect skilled foreign workers. Candidates already a part of the Express Entry pool is eligible to receive an NOI (Notification of Interest) through the PNP of that given province.
This is done based on constituents like economic factors, individual skill factors, and the local labor market, allowing migrants to work, reside, and stay in Canada. This depends on the chosen territory and province. The candidates automatically qualify for the Enhanced PNP if they apply and get selected while being in the Express Entry pool.
This program facilitates candidates to acquire a PR and become native citizens of the country.   Via the Enhanced nomination, a candidate will be supervised by the Express Entry pool, but an invitation for immigration will be given through the PNP.
  Every province in Canada maintains a particular set of PNPs with its categories and worker types. Express Entry will be linked to at least one of the many included programs, Enhanced PNP. The order through which the candidate receives the invitation may be the other way around based on specific conditions. Still, in most cases, Canadian immigration applications are accepted by the PNP.

Why is enhanced nomination a better option?

Candidates with Enhanced nominations qualify for a Provincial nomination certificate which can contribute 600 points to the overall CRS score. CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) is the ranking system that the IRCC uses to evaluate the immigration applications of candidates. The processing time for PR applications will be six months for candidates with an Enhanced nomination. The PNP program, unlike the Express Entry, needs the applicants to work and reside in the nominated province of Canada. Enhanced nominations are incorporated into the PNP, so the candidates selected for this program must follow the rules. *Note: An enhanced nomination can be availed by candidates who are eligible for both the PNP and the Express Entry programs. A candidate who is missing out on either of the eligibilities may not qualify for the Enhanced nomination. 

What is the process of achieving an Enhanced PNP?

The process of acquiring an Enhanced nomination partially involves the PNP and Express Entry applications. As a potential Enhanced nomination-seeker, you should – Check your eligibility for applying via the Express Entry program.
  • If eligible, you can submit an application to IRCC for any of the programs in Express Entry. Some programs include Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades Program, or Federal Skilled Worker’s Program. Upon submitting your article, the provinces will analyze and evaluate your profile.
  • Some of the Canadian territories or provinces will require to be contacted first. You must directly pitch your interest to apply to the Enhanced PNP stream for their region.
  • The territory or province will revert to your application by sending you a “Notification of Interest” if they find you eligible, post which you can directly coordinate with the area regarding the process of your PNP.
  • If the province or territory finds you an ideal candidate, you will receive a provincial nomination certificate. The local nomination certificate will get you CRS points of 600, contributing to the Express Entry pool. This will also grant you an ITA that can assist your Canada PR.
  • To proceed with submitting your application for PR, you must clear the medical certification exam, criminal clearance certificate, and the requisite documents.
  • Once all the documents and required procedures are completed, you will be given a PR in Canada.
  Want to migrate to Canada? Contact Y-Axis, the world’s No.1 leading overseas consultant. If you found this article interesting, also read…

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