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What kind of job applicants Australian Employers ignore?

Australian Employers

Australian Employers ignore job applicants who frequently hop from one job to another. So if you think job hopping is the best way to advance your Australian Career, think again.

The trends for Australian Employers have been revealed by the latest survey by Indeed, the global jobs specialist. It has elaborated that job hopping in no way helps in reaching the top of your career in Australia. On the other hand, it harms your prospects of landing your dream Australian job.

The survey collated responses from 200 Australian Employers. Majority of them ignored job applicants who frequently change jobs, as quoted by the Business Insider.

Indeed also revealed the specific statistics of the survey. It found that 76% of the employers in Australia chose not to interview specific candidates. This is because of their past job hopping. They also regarded tenure of fewer than 18 months to be short-term.

The survey also defines job hoppers. These are candidates who have 3 or more short-term roles in their profiles/CVs.

Majority of the Employers overlook candidates who are job hoppers. Meanwhile, most of them also said that they did not consider job-hopping to be essentially bad. Indeed observed that this demonstrates that employers are ignorant of their own prejudice regarding job hoppers.

76% of the employers said that they chose not to interview candidates who were job hoppers. 36% explicitly identified short-term jobs on a CV to be a negative thing. These statistics are as per the Indeed survey.

The inconsistency highlights the possible unconscious prejudice. It suggests that some employers do not always consider job-hopping to be negative. But when in competition with other talents, this could be the reason for the failure of job hoppers.

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