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The Top 5 Emerging Australia Jobs: LinkedIn

Posted on October 26, 2018
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The Top 5 Emerging Australia Jobs LinkedIn

The top 5 emerging Australia jobs have been revealed by LinkedIn. This is in the report Emerging Jobs 2018 – LinkedIn. With the disruption in established sectors due to technology, new roles are being created. Meanwhile, some jobs are getting obsolete. This is because of the dynamic demand for skills.

The Top 5 Emerging Australia Jobs are:

  1. Customer Success Manager
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Full Stack Engineer
  4. Cyber Security Expert
  5. Experience Designer

Meanwhile, not all jobs in the Tech sector require technical skills. The percentage of non-technical roles is 43%. It is also increasing every day, as quoted by the Business Insider Au.

Fresh business models like the SAAS – Software As A Service have propelled specific roles. This includes roles such as Customer Success Managers. These were not popular just 5 years ago. Customer success jobs have increased by 38% in the last 1 year.

Organizations now place high value in maintaining a positive customer engagement.

Accenture Australia and New Zealand Chairman Bob Easton said that the work is evolving globally. It requires a transformation in the way people are educated, added Easton. Nobody can predict the exact transformation. But it is for sure that majority of jobs will evolve said the Chairman. Some of the sectors will be disrupted severely, he added.

The emerging Australia jobs are in sync with the advancement of technology. Some of the top 5 roles are quite new. Majority of them have however evolved focusing on combining human skills and deep technical skills. This is for driving best business outcomes.

A look at the wider landscape in technology reveals that it is not surprising that these new roles are now in demand. These roles will become even more critical with the development of technologies such as Block Chain. The importance of certain skills will definitely shift.

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