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Top 10 US Jobs with fastest growth in Median Base Pay

Posted on July 19, 2018
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Top 10 US Jobs with fastest growth in Median Base Pay

The Median Base Pay for US Jobs increased by 1.6% in June to reach 52, 052 $ as per the latest ‘Local Pay Report’ by Glassdoor. This is the strongest growth in pay figures so far in 2018. Andrew Chamberlain the Chief Economist at Glassdoor said that US rate of unemployment is at historic lows.

The low rate of joblessness implies that increased numbers of workers are in a better position to negotiate salaries for the roles said, Chamberlain. This is especially true for those in sectors such as E-Commerce, Finance, and Healthcare that are in high demand, he added.

The data by Glassdoor reveals that conventional blue-collar jobs posted the highest salary gains. These include Solar Photovoltaic Installers, Wind Turbine Service Technicians and Home Health Aides. The hike is linked with the enhanced demand for these workers in areas created by E-Commerce growth. Glassdoor report predicts that pay for these roles will continue to rise all along 2018, as quoted by the USA Today.

The table below outlines that several conventionally low paying roles witnessed an increase well higher than the average. This is a pure case of demand and supply. As the available labor force shrinks, firms have to pay higher to fill even positions at the low level.

Rank Occupation % Growth Rate Annual Median Pay
1.  Solar Photovoltaic Installers 105% $39,490
2.  Wind Turbine Service Technicians 96% $53,880
3.  Home Health Aides 47% $23,210
4.  Personal Care Aides 39% $23,100
5.  Physician Assistants 37% $104,860
6.  Nurse Practitioners 36% $103,880
7.  Statisticians 34% $84,060
8.  Physical Therapist Assistants 31% $57,430
9.  Software Developers, Applications 31% $101,790
10.  Mathematicians 30% $103,010

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