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Luxembourg work permit- How to apply

Posted on October 28, 2020
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How to apply work visa for Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of Europe’s least populous countries, but residents here enjoy the world’s highest GDP per capita. Luxembourg has a highly developed economy and a vibrant financial sector, and is also the home of several EU institutions, making it a popular destination for overseas jobs.

Overseas jobseekers from non-EU countries who wish to work here must have an ‘authorization to stay’ document and a residence permit.

Businesses in Luxembourg must demonstrate that they have advertised their vacant job locally and they have not found a suitable applicant if they wish to hire a non-EU citizen. Therefore, you must also have a certificate from your employer to get a work visa, which certifies that they have met this condition. The certificate is given by the National Administration of Jobs and your employer should give it to you.

Steps to apply for a work permit

To get a work visa for Luxembourg, you must submit your application yourself, but you can take the help of your employer. You will have to apply to the Immigration Directorate for a temporary permit to stay in Luxembourg. You should apply and obtain this before you leave your home country.

The temporary visa will allow you to enter Luxembourg so that, once you arrive, you can complete the rest of the process.

The procedure is handled on a regional basis while you are in Luxembourg, so you will need to pursue your application in the area in which you plan to live and work. You have to make a declaration first to confirm that you wish to reside in the area in question. Depending on your home country, you may have to undergo medical tests as well.

Finally, your formal application for a permit to live and work in Luxembourg has to be submitted. There are a wide variety of visa forms defined by the type of job you are going to do and the essence of your transfer there.

In general, in the first case, work permits for Luxembourg will be given for a period of two years. You can reapply if you wish to remain past that point, starting at least two months before your initial visa runs out. The reissued visa could be issued for a term of up to three more years. Visas are usually initially issued for only one sector, but if you have kept a visa for more than a year or two, this restriction may be lifted.

 Documents required

  • Recent passport photo
  • Birth certificate
  • Proof that you have no criminal record
  • Copy of your resume and professional qualifications
  • Employment contract
  • Original certificate allowing the employer to hire a non-EU citizen
  • Cover letter giving reasons for moving to Luxembourg

You must also obtain a long-stay residence permit once you have obtained your temporary residence permit and have entered Luxembourg. In this situation, along with evidence of your accommodation and a fee of about 80 Euros, you must present the temporary permit you already have. There may be discrepancies as the procedure is conducted regionally, so check what documents are necessary before you visit the local administration office.

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