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Sean Fraser revised Express Entry rules to make more Doctors as PRs

Sean Fraser revised Express Entry rules to make more Doctors as PRs

Highlights: A new TR to PR pathway for doctors in Canada

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Changes announced for Express Entry to help doctors to get Canada PR

Sean Fraser announced changes to be made in the Express Entry system to help doctors to become permanent residents. Physicians who are self-employed get benefits from the new changes and they can apply for permanent residence in Canada.  The changes have been made for those doctors who are working in Canada as temporary residents to become permanent residents.

Changes made to the Express Entry system for healthcare workers

 Many doctors working in Canada temporarily are considered as self-employed and they were not able to apply for Express Entry through the following programs:

Fraser announced that these doctors will be transitioned from temporary residents to permanent residents through the new changes.

Number of health workers coming to Canada

In 2022, the number of temporary and permanent resident applications in the healthcare sector is 8,600 who want to work in Canada.

In 2021, the number of healthcare applications and their extensions were approved by IRCC and this can be found in the table below:

Type of healthcare professional Number of invitations
Physicians 2,500
Nurses 620
Nurses’ aides and orderlies 550

The number of healthcare workers who became permanent residents since 2015 is 22,400 which include 3,600 physicians and 8,600 nurses. In June 2022, 4,300 healthcare professionals became permanent residents through the healthcare streams of Temporary Residence to Permanent Residence Pathway.

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