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Posted on April 02 2022

Record-Breaking job vacancies in Q4, Canada looking to fill 9.2 lakh jobs

By  Editor
Updated January 18 2024

The number of jobs in Canada are incomparable to the pre-COVID job requirements, and employers find it challenging to choose employees who fit incorrectly in multiple sectors.

Canadian Statistics reports highlights...

According to the Canadian Statistics reports, "The Canadian employers were looking to hire employees for 915,500 job openings from the fourth quarter all over the 20 sectors in 2021. This number of job vacancies is 80 percent more compared to 2019 and 63.4 percent compared to 2020." From the job vacancies report of the fourth quarter for 2021, the national government's statistical and demographics services agency recorded high-job openings that were accorded with a complete recovery of remunerated employment and dropping unemployment.

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Nova Scotia and Manitoba provinces experience an increase in job vacancies

In the year 2021, excluding Nova Scotia and Manitoba, Canada's job requirements were meager and haven't undergone much change from October through December compared to the third quarter. The job requirement of 11.9 percent, which is 20,300, was faced by the Atlantic Canadian province of Nova Scotia, and the job vacancies were increased by 5.9 percent is 25,800 openings in the Prairie province of Manitoba. Amongst all the provinces, the immense increase in job openings was seen by Prince Edward Island, where the job positions spiked up to 87.1 percent each year, Quebec, which experienced 87.9 percent, Alberta with 89 percent, and Saskatchewa with a doubled increase in job openings that rose up to 90.1 percent.

*Are you looking forward to migrate to Canada? Get expert guidance from Y-Axis professionals. People who seek jobs to acquire particular positions excelled in eight sectors:

  • Social assistance and hospitality
  • Retail trade
  • Administrative and support
  • Scientific, technical services, and professional
  • Remediation services and management of waste
  • Services apart from public administration
  • Rental, real estate, and leasing
  • Education and utilities

In winter, the hospitality sector experienced a downfall of 12.1 percent is 143,300 job vacancies in the last three months of 2021. Apart from this seasonal downfall, employers in the healthcare sector still strive to find suitable workers.

Canada's hospitality department is facing a downfall for the shortage of workers

The Canadian Statistics states that the only profession with excess job vacancies was the hospitality department. Job vacancies for Kitchen helpers, attendants of the food counter, and similar supported domains were open for 60 days or above with a percentage of 60.8 in the fourth quarter of 2021, which was increased from the previous year had the requirement of 43.3 percent. The other profession with excess job vacancies that was open for 60 days or more were the professions of retail salespersons (with a percentage from 11.8 in the autumn season of 2020 to 33.3 in the last quarter of the year 2021), cooks (with a percentage from 41.8 to 65.1), and beverage and food servers (with the percentage of 40.7 to 60.7).

Employers who wish to hire an abroad national can make themselves available for international skills and jobs through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), and the International Mobility Program (IMP). All of it sums up to the point of whether the specific job is one among many that are relieved from a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) LMIA is a document provided by the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) that claims the need for both foreign employees to fill the position and that no permanent resident or Canadian worker is unoccupied to do it. Here are some jobs that don't need the LMIA:

  1. Jobs that come along with international trade agreements.
  2. Jobs that are in agreement with the national and provincial governments.
  3. Jobs that are considered in the concerns of Canada

How to determine if a specific job position comes under the LMIA exceptions. There are two ways to find out.

Global Talent Stream provides work permits in two weeks

The employers can analyze the LMIA exception codes and the work permit exceptions, choose either the work permit or LMIA exception that is suitable to their job vacancies that need to be filled and go through the elaborated description to notice if there is an exception code that applies to them, or; Get in touch with the International Mobility Workers Unit (IMWU) if they provide a job position for temporary foreign labor in another country whose citizens have visa exceptions. The visa applications and work permits can be processed by The Global talent Stream (GTS) and a part of the (TFWP) within just two weeks.

The employers are allowed to welcome foreign citizens to fill vacant roles with the help of the Express Entry system that gets the applications related to immigration online. The applicants who pass the eligibility criteria provide an online profile known as the Expression of interest (EOI), which is based on three national immigration programs or taking part in the provincial programs of the immigration, right to the pool of Express Entry. The profiles of the candidates are then compared with others based on the points system, known as the Comprehensive ranking System (CRS). The candidates who score the highest points are taken under consideration for ITAs to attain permanent residence. All candidates who receive an ITA are supposed to submit the entire application quickly following the processing fees within 90 days.

Do you wish to work in Canada? Seek the right guidance from Y-Axis, the World's No.1 Overseas Consultant. If you found this blog article engaging, continue to read.

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