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IRCC extends Interim Authorization to Work policy for one more year

IRCC extends Interim Authorization to Work policy for one more year

Abstract: People visiting Canada and TRV holders apply for a work permit.


Canada has announced that it will be extending a few measures designed for the pandemic for one more year. These measures were declared in August 2020 but recently announced that they would be effective till February 28, 2023.

The pandemic guidelines lay down that people in Canada who have a TRV or Temporary Residence Visa can apply for a work permit. They can do so without leaving the country if they already have a jobs in Canada.

Additionally, it also lets people visit the country to work before receiving a work permit in Canada.

The rule has been brought into effect on a temporary basis. Earlier, TRV holders could not apply for a work permit without leaving the country.

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Interim Authorization to Work

The Interim Authorization to Work grants permission to Canadian immigrants to work. Foreign nationals who meet the eligibility requirements are granted the permission swiftly.

Earlier, the foreign nationals had to wait for clearance from the IRCC or Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada before they started working in the country.

Before the new rules, people applying for work permits in Canada had to ‘flagpole.’ Flagpoling required immigrant workers to submit their application in Canada, leave the country, and physically re-enter for the work permit to be valid.

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Requirements for Interim Authorization

For a foreign national worker to be eligible for Canadian work permits, they must

IRCC is prioritizing those people who have held a work permit for the past twelve months because it would help those who lost their jobs during the pandemic. It would aid them in getting back to the labor market quickly.

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What is TRV

People who wish to migrate to Canada on a temporary basis for work need to apply for TRV or Temporary Resident Visa. It is not applicable to the citizens of those countries who are exempted from applying for a visa in Canada.

The visitors to Canada who can apply for TRV and be cleared to work in the country are

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