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Posted on December 21 2022

Apply now! Indian professionals in Finland needed in Tech and Healthcare sectors

By  Editor
Updated January 11 2024

Highlights: Indian professionals in Finland needed to resolve workforce shortage

  • Finland is experiencing a shortage in the workforce.
  • It plans to double the intake of skilled professionals.
  • It also plans to triple the employment of international graduates by 2030.
  • The authorities of Finland aim to visit India to make plans to boost immigration from the country.
  • Finland also requires international professionals in the hospitality sector.


Abstract: Finland requires international professionals in the sector of Tech, hospitality, and health care.

Finland is facing a shortage in its workforce. It requires skilled professionals to sustain its economy. The government of Finland is planning to double the intake of qualified international professionals arriving in the country and triple the employment of international student recruitment by 2030.

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland, Tuula Haatainen, visited India to promote the migration of Indian professionals to Finland.

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Finland aims to attract professionals in the ICT or information, communication, and technology sectors. It is also hoping to attract nurses and other healthcare workers from India.

Ms. Haatainen signed the "joint declaration of intent on Migration and Mobility" with the Indian authorities. The joint declaration was signed the previous week to enable the mobility of professionals, business people, students, researchers, and academics.

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The country also needs professionals in the fields of:

  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants
  • Social work
  • Counseling Staff
  • General practitioners
  • Senior physicians

India is considered to be a resourceful pool of skilled professionals. Earlier other countries in Europe, like the U.K. and Germany, too had sought skilled professionals from India and signed agreements stating the same.

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Why does Finland need skilled international professionals?

A report of the survey published by the authorities of Finland states that over 70% of the businesses in Finland are affected by the shortage of skilled labor. The authorities would be investing approximately 4% of the GDP in the R&D or Research and Development sector, but the country requires more skilled professionals for that.

Thereby, Finland is offering employment to skilled foreign nationals to migrate to Finland along with their dependents and work in the country. Finland is offering education, healthcare facilities, daycare, as well as teaching the immigrants the native language of the country.

It is an excellent opportunity for young talent in India to move to Finland and make a prosperous career for them.

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