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Posted on November 28 2019

Why is Canada the best place to immigrate in 2020?

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Why is Canada the best place to immigrate in 2020

Canada is the second-largest country in the world. Over the years it has become a popular destination for people wanting to migrate to another country. The country is a hot choice because of its natural scenic beauty, large unpopulated areas, bustling cities, multicultural ambience, and various job opportunities for a young and skilled workforce.

Added to this, Canada has a long history of welcoming immigrants and facilitating their integration into Canadian society.

A look at the influx of immigrants in the country since 2001 indicates that it has been between 221,352 and 262,236 immigrants per annum.

In 2017 the government of Canada had announced that it is ready to welcome more than one million migrants in the next three years. The number of migrants is projected to increase by 340,000 in 2020.

The influx of immigrants has peaked since 1993 and it continues to grow. More than 90 percent of immigrants tend to settle down in and around large cities such as Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal.

An analysis of the country of origin of immigrants reveals that in the 1970s, the majority of migrants to Canada were from European nations. But today migrants come here from almost 20 countries.

A 2016 analysis of immigrant population’s country of origin indicated that the highest number of immigrants came from India followed by China and the Philippines.

Canada plans to continue its policy of welcoming immigrants to the country while acknowledging their contribution to the country’s economic growth.

Canada the best place to immigrate in 2020

Under its immigration plan for 2019-21, Canada plans to increase its targets for admission of immigrants to reach 350,000 in 2021. The target for 2020 is set at 341,000. Out of these around 60% will be economic migrants while the others will be family-sponsored immigrants.

The Canadian government is encouraging immigrants to come and settle in the country because it needs talented workers with the skills and expertise to meet the skill shortage in its industries.

Work opportunities in Canada:

Canada is facing a shortage of skilled workers because a major percentage of existing skilled workers belong to the baby-boomer generation which means they will be retiring in a few years and companies will need the workforce to replace them. Unfortunately, the Canadian population has not grown in the required pace where they will be skilled workers to replace those who are retiring. Hence the country is looking at foreign workers for replacement. It is encouraging migrants to come and work in Canada. Canada needs more workers belonging to the STEM category followed by healthcare and social assistance.

Canada offers a Work Permit Visa that allows businesspeople, permanent workers, temporary workers, students and others to work in Canada. You should have a job offer with you before applying for a Work Permit visa. Every year over 300,000 individuals are granted permits to work in Canada.  With the Canada Work Permit Visa, you can:

  • Work in Canada under the employer mentioned in your work permit application
  • Apply for Dependent Visas to call your dependents
  • Earn in dollars
  • Travel across Canada
  • Apply for a PR visa later

Apart from this, there are three categories of open work permits that immigrants can apply for:

  1. Unrestricted open work permit
  2. Occupation restricted open work permit
  3. Restricted work permit

The unrestricted open work permit allows a foreigner to travel to Canada and work there on any job for any employer and at any place. In the occupation restricted open work permit the person can work for any employer but only in a specified job. With a restricted work permit, the individual can change the employer but not the place of work.

As an immigrant, success in finding a job depends on the type of job. Jobs with minimum wages are easily available. For jobs involving skilled labor, prior experience, a valid job offer before arrival is necessary. Applicants must have cleared the Canadian requirements for the specific industry or get retraining for it if possible.

Study opportunities in Canada:

Canada has become a popular destination for international students. In 2019 the Canadian government announced $148 million in funds for the next five years to encourage more international students to come and study here.

The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) conducted a survey of 14,338 university students in 2018 to find about Canada’s increasing popularity among international students.

Top four reasons why international students choose Canada:

  1. Quality of the Canadian education system
  2. Tolerant and non-discriminatory nature of Canadian society
  3. A safe environment in Canada
  4. Availability of the desired program

Working while studying:

International students can work while studying at a Canadian university. They can work both in on-campus and off-campus jobs on a part-time basis for 20 hours a week during the academic session and full-time during the holidays.

Post-study job opportunities: 

If you study in Canada, you have chances of getting a good job, especially if your field of study is information technology or STEM-related fields.  Canadian provinces especially Quebec and British Columbia offer several job opportunities.

PR visa options:

Canada has a systematic and well-regulated process for migrants wanting to move to the country on a PR visa. The validity of a PR visa is five years which can later be renewed.

The PR visa does not make you a citizen of Canada, you are still a citizen of your native country.  As a PR visa holder, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Can apply for Canadian citizenship in the future
  • Can live, work and study anywhere in Canada
  • Eligible for healthcare and other social benefits enjoyed by Canadian citizens
  • Protection under Canadian law

You will have to exclusively apply for the PR visa if you are a student or a worker from a foreign country living in Canada.

Canada offers various immigration programs through which you can apply for a PR visa, but each program has its individual eligibility requirements and application procedure. Some popular programs for getting the PR visa are

Canada follows a points-based system to determine whether you qualify for the PR visa. This is known as the Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS. If your profile must be selected, you should be able to get 67 points out of 100 in the CRS.

With a government that is immigration friendly, a huge number of job opportunities, excellent facilities for international students and various options to apply for a PR visa, Canada has valid reasons to be voted as the best country to migrate to in 2020.

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