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Posted on October 21 2019

Indians get the highest number of Canada PR in 2019

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
 Canada PR

As an Indian citizen if you are planning to migrate to another country with a Permanent Resident (PR) visa, you might also want to know which the easiest country is to get a PR visa, the answer is Canada.

The Canadian government is encouraging immigrants to come and settle here because it needs skilled workers to meet the Skills shortage across various provinces. The government considers Indians best qualified to work in sectors such as IT, engineering etc.

The government has an immigration plan that proposes to welcome more than 1 million migrants to Canada by the year 2025. In view of this, Canada has created a fast and simple online application system for PR visas. The points based Express Entry System makes it easy to Apply for a Canadian PR visa which is processed within six months.

Apart from the Express Entry program, Canada offers other points –based immigration pathways for a PR visa. These are the Provincial Nominee Programs, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP), Family Sponsored Program, etc.

How easy is it to get your Canadian PR from India?

Even though the process to apply for a PR visa is the same for citizens from all countries, Indian citizens have an edge because of their tech skills and English proficiency.

There is no doubt that the Canadian PR visa process is easy, and the response time is a maximum of six months. But you can help in the process by taking care to fill your details with care, take a self-assessment to check your qualifications under the points-based system and submit all the required documents on time.

Choose the right pathway to get your Canada PR:

The Express Entry System is no doubt the fastest way to get your PR visa, but if you feel that you are better qualified under some other immigration program for a successful outcome, then do not hesitate to apply under the program.

Review your score under the points-based immigration system:

Since Canada follows a points-based immigration system, analyze your score on the key criteria- age, work experience, education, language ability etc. Remember you will have to get a minimum score of 67 points out of 100 to qualify for a PR visa. Check your points on the CRS points calculator as well as the FSW points calculator to decide where you have a better chance and then select the immigration program which promises better chances of approval for your PR visa.

 Take care when filling your visa application form:

After you receive your ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Canada PR, ensure you have all the required documents and fill the application form with care. You will have to submit your application within 90 days of receiving the ITA. If all the documents are genuine, your application will be processed without any hassles.

Get professional help:

Though on the surface, the Canada PR process looks easy, it can be complicated. Unless you are aware of the immigration rules, application procedures, the latest updates, immigration programs, eligibility criteria etc., it will be difficult to follow the application process thoroughly. You should also know about the reasons for rejection or delay so that you can avoid them.

If all this sounds too much to handle, you can take the help of an experienced Immigration Consultant who will help you get your Canada PR visa on time.

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