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Posted on May 06 2024

Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in Saskatchewan

By  Editor
Updated May 06 2024

Canada is a sought-after destination for working professionals from around the world who are seeking better opportunities. Immigrating to Canada is easier by applying through the Express Entry or the most preferred economic immigration gateways like Provincial Nominee Immigration.


Individuals interested in working in Saskatchewan can apply through the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP), even without a job offer.


*Looking to apply for Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP)? Let Y-Axis assist you.


The province offers two streams for skilled workers who wish to immigrate to Saskatchewan.

The two primary streams are-


  • International Skilled Worker - Occupation in-demand stream
  • International Skilled Worker - Saskatchewan Express Entry Stream.


Top-In demand jobs in Saskatchewan

The table below has the list of top 10 in-demand jobs in Saskatchewan with NOC codes and salaries.

                 Job Title                

NOC Code


Human Resource Professionals



Financial Manager



Administrative Service



Information System Analysts and Consultants



Accounting Assistant



Web Developers and Programmer



Purchasing Manager



Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations


CAD59,002 - CAD72,025

Web Designers



Nurse Aide, Orderlies and Patient Service Associate




Human Resource Jobs in Saskatchewan Professionals

Human resource is a sought after occupation in Canada. This is due to the fact that businesses post-pandemic have many challenges like highly competitive job market, skill shortages and budget constraints which all require the expertise of HR Professionals.  There is also estimated employment growth that will lead to creating a number of positions.


  • Number of job openings: 12, 900 job openings
  • NOC code: 11200
  • Average annual salary: CAD80,944


*Interested in Human Resource jobs in Saskatchewan? Let Y-Axis assist you with expert guidance.


Financial Manager Jobs in Saskatchewan

There is high demand for skilled talent for Financial Managers in Canada due to the economic boom. The stability for the field of Finance is rising and is leading to an expansion which is creating a surge of opportunities. Additionally there is an aging population in Canada for retirement opening up vacancies. The Saskatchewan province of Canada is actively seeking jobseekers currently.


  • Number of job openings: 33,300 job openings
  • NOC code: 10010
  • Average annual salary: CAD115,100


*Interested for the role of Financial Manager jobs in Saskatchewan?  Let Y-Axis assist you with the step-by-step process.


Administrative Service Jobs in Saskatchewan

Administrative Service occupation is flourishing with a huge demand in Canada’s private and public sectors. This demand for skilled workers has increased post pandemic and has resulted in creating better salaries and additional benefits like healthcare for applicants.


  • Number of job openings: 9000 job openings
  • NOC code: 13100
  • Average annual salary: CAD58,438


*On the hunt for Administrative Service Manager jobs in Saskatchewan? Y-Axis is here to guide you.


Information System Analysts and Consultant Jobs in Saskatchewan

Information System Analysts and Consultants is an ever-growing occupation. The demand is only expected to increase due to many technological improvements and rapid innovation to improve and develop IT infrastructure. The individuals can work in a variety of sectors like design of computer systems, banking, insurance, real estate, telecommunications, and more.


  • Number of job openings: 143,700 job openings
  • NOC code: 2171
  • Average annual salary: CAD69,927


*Search for Information System Analysts and Consultants jobs in Saskatchewan? Y-Axis is here to assist you.


Accounting Assistant jobs in Saskatchewan

Accounting Assistant jobs are increasing in demand. The growth of Canadian economy is helping new businesses to be established that lead to a need of Accounting Assistants. The demand is ever- present in multiple industries mainly in government and non-profit organizations. The Accounting industry is experiencing a rapid growth with many new vacancies opening up within the province of Saskatchewan.


  • Number of job openings: 57,600 job openings
  • NOC code: 14200
  • Average annual salary: CAD49,192


*Willing to apply for Accounting Assistant jobs in Saskatchewan? Avail Y-Axis job search services.


Web Developers and Programmer jobs in Saskatchewan

Web Developers in Canada is a booming sector as the need for digital solutions is continuous. There are a lot of new businesses and start-ups that require a commanding online presence. This creates a lot of job opportunities for skilled Web Developers for the creation and maintenance of websites and other web applications.


  • Number of job openings: 10,400 job openings
  • NOC code: 21234
  • Average annual salary: CAD85,703


*Searching for Web Developers and Programmers jobs in Saskatchewan? Let Y-Axis assist you with the procedure.


 Purchasing Manager Jobs in Saskatchewan

Purchasing managers are noteworthy and the demand is unprecedented in Canada. There is a high requirement in various sectors like Finance, Operations and Logistics and this has only increased post pandemic. The province has many job openings and is actively recruiting applicants.


  • Number of job openings: 8,100 job openings
  • NOC code: 0113
  • Average annual salary: CAD97,500


*On the lookout for Purchasing Managers jobs in Saskatchewan? Y-Axis is here to aid you.


Advertising, Marketing Jobs in Saskatchewan

The Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations occupation is thriving in Canada. There are many job openings due to an expansion in the labour market of Saskatchewan. This field is more prominent among individuals as it allows advancement into managerial positions in Public relations, communications and fundraising with extra training and experience.


  • Number of job openings: 73,700 job openings
  • NOC code: 11202
  • Average annual salary: CAD59,002 - CAD72,025


*Interested for Advertising, Marketing jobs Saskatchewan? Y-Axis is here to assist you.


Web Designers jobs in Saskatchewan

Web Designers have an increasing demand in Canada because of the growing technology sector. The Canadian labour market is facing extreme shortages and the tech employers are seeking to employ immigrants address this shortage. This demand creates competitive salaries and best benefits.


  • Number of job openings: 10,900 job openings
  • NOC code: 21233
  • Average annual salary: CAD56,550


*Searching for opportunities as Web Designer jobs in Saskatchewan?  Avail Y-Axis job search services.


Nurse Aide, Orderlies and Patient Service Associate jobs in Saskatchewan  

Nursing Aides, orderlies, and patient Service Associate jobs are exponentially growing. This is due to the shortage of healthcare professionals in Canada. The need for skilled workers is in demand within the province of Saskatchewan.


  • Number of job openings: 178,700 job openings
  • NOC code: 0
  • Average annual salary: CAD36,728


*Willing to apply for nursing jobs in Saskatchewan? Y-Axis is here to assist you to find the right one.


It is estimated that the job pool in Saskatchewan is fetching and growing which has made it easier for professionals to immigrate to Canada. In the future years, there will more scope for skilled foreign workers paving a promising path in the future.

*Looking for assistance with Canada Immigration? Sign up with Y-Axis, Worlds’ No.1 Overseas Immigration Company for complete guidance.


Jobs in Saskatchewan


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