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Posted on September 28 2022

Get to know how TOEFL Speaking Scores are evaluated!

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Objective for TOEFL speaking section expectations

The TOEFL speaking section is one of the important sections of the TOEFL test. It is tested based on your skills, clarity, and pace. If you are thinking to know more details about the speaking section and what can you expect in this section, then you are on the right page.

TOEFL Speaking section

The TOEFL Speaking section has two types of tasks. They are:

  • Integrated Speaking:In this part of the section, the test taker needs to answer orally to a question which is presented by an audio clip and a short text.
  • Independent Speaking:In this part of the section, the test-taker is required to speak about their own experiences and opinions.

The duration of the whole TOEFL speaking section is for 20 minutes. There are six tasks in total. Usually, the TOEFL section is for 4 hours, whereas the TOEFL speaking section is just for 20 minutes which needs a little more practice.

To learn by sticking to the timelines, getting the answers right, and having control over the pace of the speech, practice is the best option. You will be given 60 seconds to record your answer. Hence you can neither speak fast nor too slow.

Work more to improve your pronunciation, as to avoid accent while speaking English. It is essential to pronounce correctly as a non-native English speaker, not just for the test but also for your future.

Remember, In the TOEFL speaking section, you need to speak into the microphone, rather than speaking to an examiner. Get prepared to remember this.

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Practice for TOEFL Speaking Section

Attention and Focus: Speaking section requires your attention and your focus. One of the main ideas is to understand the way you give clear responses to the topics or the questions that were given to you. For this, you should be able to think faster and record the answer even faster that too using proper words.

Grammar usage: The grammatical words you choose need not be complex, but it has to give a correct meaning. Using the Simple Past and Present tenses in a clear and understandable manner will be better in understanding than using complicated words like verb forms of Future Perfect Continuous tenses.

Vocabulary: Vocabulary is one such thing to consider after grammar. In order to express yourself orally, you need to have good knowledge of nouns, adjectives, and verbs. These can be used as arms during your test.

 Especially for the TOEFL Speaking section, one need not study vocabulary particularly, as it is not a great idea to pay more attention. You have a chance to use some fancy words, but if you do not know the meaning of the word is unclear to you don’t use it. Play the game safer.

Response time: if you are willing to practice for the sake of speaking then you must fetch time for your responses. Check if the responses you are given are within the specified time limit. Each task in the speaking section is required anywhere between 15 – 60 seconds. You need to touch on all the points that you wanted to write within a given short time. Also, do not get out of the ideas and record a 10-second response for any task, where the task answer should be given in a full minute.

Pronunciation: Pronunciation of the words is something you need to give more focus on. Accent does not matter when your pronunciation is clear. To be truthful, every speaker will have his own accent, but try to communicate and pronounce it in such a way that is understandable to you as well.

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TOEFL speaking tasks in detail

  • The TOEFL Speaking section comprises six tasks. The first two tasks are independent and the last four tasks are called integrated tasks.
  • For every question in the independent task of the TOEFLspeaking section, you will have only 45 seconds to answer with your opinion. For each of the questions listed in the TOEFL integrated task, you will be given 60 seconds to speak out orally.
  • Human raters will be assigned to TOEFL speaking score and the band score ranges from 0-4. These individual section scores are then standardized again to give a raw-score of TOEFL and also on a scale of ranged from 0-4.

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Overview of TOEFL Speaking

The TOEFL speaking section mainly tests the test-takers speaking ability and fluency of the language. These both are necessities for staying and studying abroad.

TOEFL speaking is divided into 6-tasks:

  • Two are independent speaking task
  • Four are integrated speaking tasks
  • The speaking topics are usually based on either the reading section or listening section or any other related topics
  • The duration for TOEFL is around 20 minutes

How is TOEFL Speaking Scored?

TOEFL speaking score ranges from 0 - 30. The speaking and writing sections from TOEFL are majorly measured by the certified TOEFL test scorers along with the computer. The TOEFL speaking score descriptors are:

Descriptors Score range
Good 26-30
Fair 18-25
Limited 10-17
Weak 0-9

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Important points for TOEFL Speaking scoring

The TOEFL speaking score clearly demonstrates that the score ranges with the performance levels. In the independent speaking task, the test taker needs to record the answer based on thoughts, opinions, and ideas.

Whereas for the integrated task of the TOEFL speaking section, the test takers need to use the listening, speaking, reading, and writing sections of the TOEFL.

The rubrics for the TOEFL speaking score slightly differ for integrated and independent tasks of the section. The major components that are considered for the speaking section are:

The delivery of words – The fluency and clarity of the candidate are considered. Mostly based on the flow of topic, pace, intonation, pronunciation, and speaking out loud.

Use of language – The understanding of vocabulary and the grammar of the candidate, while speaking.

Development of topic – how well the candidate is using his ideas in a meaningful manner and consistent on the points that are spoken out on the topics.

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