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Posted on December 27 2022

Cost of applying for an Australia PR visa in 2023

By  Editor
Updated March 26 2024

Why invest in Australian PR?

  • Australia increased its intake to 190,000 for permanent skilled migration individuals
  • Right to live in Australia permanently
  • Freedom to pursue free primary and secondary education
  • Free world-class healthcare and social welfare benefits
  • Get financial aid up to AUD 35,240 from the government to buy your first new house

Australia PR Visa

An Australia Permanent Resident visa is a permanent visa but not a citizen of the country. The PR visa permits the holders to study, work and live in the country but are not allowed to apply for government jobs or have an opportunity to vote. Permanent Residents are the citizens of their home country.


About Australia PR visa

Australia is one of the prominent choices for individuals who show interest in migrating to the country. The country provides PR visas to immigrants and their validity is for five years.


To obtain permanent residency ship of Australia either by applying for or being granted a PR visa which permits one to remain in Australia indefinitely.


One can move to Australia with a PR visa along with their family. You can even apply for citizenship after living in Australia for at least 4 years.


Australian PR is related to migrating to the country along with the family from the home country. The country has abundant employment opportunities.


To obtain permanent residency in Australia people who are willing to stay in the country personally or professionally for work or studies. The Australian PR helps to enroll in the national healthcare system in Australia, and even buy a new property. Australian PR helps take up work and study by an individual in any part of the concerned country.


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Steps to apply

The immigration authorities of Australia choose qualified professionals from across the world. Australia uses a points-based immigration program for selecting candidates. The applicants are to meet a minimum of 65 points for each skilled worker under the various immigration pathways.


Step 1: Human capital

To be eligible or obtain an Australian PR Visa, the occupation of an individual must be enlisted in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) irrespective of the type of visa you have applied for.

  • The Occupation needs to be listed in the SOL
  • Age below 45 years old
  • Minimum of 65 points have to be scored in the Points Grid

The individual need to score at least 65 points in the Points Grid of immigration, through which the individual is evaluated based on age, work experience, education, and other factors.


Step 2: Language proficiency

The second important step is to finish the English proficiency test with the required band of points.


The individual can go with any one of the three language proficiency tests: IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE.


Step 3: Skills assessment

One should get their education and professional credentials assessed as a third step. The process takes a minimum of 8 – 10 weeks.


Australian authorities compare foreign education with its Australian equivalency. One must attach their Skill Select report in your EOI (Expression of Interest).


Step 4: Registering Expression of Interest (EOI)

This is one of the most important steps in the journey of obtaining Australian PR. Register an Expression of Interest in Australia’s Skill Select Portal.


This indicates to the Australian Authorities that the individual is interested to apply for a permanent Resident visa in Australia.


Depending on the EOI, an individual will be requested to apply for a visa which is based on key factors like Education, English proficiency, and the span of work in a specific field.


Step 5: Invitation to Apply (ITA)

After creating the profile, wait for the Invitation to Apply (ITA). The candidates who have the highest ranking in EOI will get ITA.


Step 6: Now, Submit your PR application

After receiving an ITA, this will be the final step is to submit the completed Australia PR visa application within 60 days.


Step 7: Clearance for Health and Character certificates

Submit the additional documents like clearance certificates, visa stamping of passport, and health-related certificates.


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Break-down of Australia PR Visa Fees

The following table shows the breakdown for Australia PR Visa fees under the General Skilled Migration Program of Australia as of January 2024.


The table depicts government visa processing fees for the primary applicant, secondary, and child applicant along with the visa subclasses.

Visa subclass Base application charge (primary applicant) Additional Applicant charge 18 and over(Secondary applicant) Additional applicant charge under 18(child applicants)
Subclass 189 Visa AUD4,640 AUD2,320 AUD1,160
Subclass 190 Visa AUD4,640 AUD2,320 AUD1,160
Subclass 491 Visa AUD4,640 AUD2,320 AUD1,160


Skill Assessment

Skills assessment is a process that tests an individual’s qualifications and work experience. The results prove that an individual possesses the skills that are required to do the tasks for the role they are applying for. The assessments are valid for 3 years from the date of issuance.


If you are looking to apply for General Skilled Migration Visas like Subclass 189 and Subclass 190 or any other subclass which are direct entry for employer-sponsored visas you will need to prove positive skills assessment before applying for the visa.


The skills assessment you take up depends on the occupation you are applying for.


The table below shows the breakdown fees for the skills assessment:


Application type

Temporary Graduate - 485 Skills Assessment


Post Australian Study Skills Assessment

Skills (general application)


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Review Application


Appeal Application



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English Language Assessment

To be qualified with the English language requirement is one of the key aspects of obtaining a skilled visa class for Australia. The minimum proficiency level depends on the visa you are applying for a visa.


English Test

Minimum Result required Cost of English language assessment


Achieve an overall band score of at least overall band score of at least 5.0 with a score of at least 5 in each of the test components AUD 395.00
OET Achieve a score of at least ‘B’ in each of the four test components

AUD 587

TOEFL iBT Achieve a total score of at least 35 with a score of at least 4 for each of the listening and reading test components, and a score of at least 14 for each of the speaking and writing test components

AUD 298

PTE Academic

Achieve an overall test score of at least 36 with a score of at least 36 in each of the test components

AUD 340


State Sponsorship

State nomination or state sponsorship helps an individual to get a skilled migration visa for professionals from the government of Australia. The immigration authority nominates skilled migrants who wish to live and work in their state and the individuals.


The State Government in Australia nominates migrants that are skilled and willing to move to Australia


State sponsorship

Fees details

This fee ranges from $0 – $750 and is payable directly to the Regional Certification Board in the relevant region.


Medical Test Fees:

Australia has been maintaining strict policies for safety and health policies. All the applicants who apply for Australia PR will be evaluated against the health requirement. All costs that get paid by the applicant will directly to the healthcare professionals or the clinics that undertake the examination.


CAT MCQ examination fees

Cost of Medical test from 1 Jan 2023

CAT MCQ examination authorisation

2,920 AUD
Reissue of results

100 AUD

Verification of CAT MCQ examination results

100 AUD

Cancellation of CAT MCQ examination authorisation

1,460 AUD


Visa Label Fees

A visa label is a document that is placed in the passport which contains information related to the individual visa. In order to request a visa label, one must possess a current passport and submit Form 1405 for requesting of visa label and payment form.


When you get your Australian visa, you will also be issued a visa grant or visa label notification letter that explains the conditions of the visa like validity and entry requirements.


Most countries accept tourists without an Australian visa label on the passport, it will be the individual’s responsibility to check with government relate authorities.


It can be said as the Australian government's policy is to impose charges for visa labels. One can only request and pay for the label, in case you have a current Australian visa.


The cost for the visa label is known as Visa Evidence Charge (VEC). Australia charges around AUD 70 or more depending on the visa and its validity. Sometimes there are exemptions to the VEC for diplomatic, humanitarian, and government-sponsored visas.



The total costs to obtain Australian PR for a primary applicant are AUD 8,125 to AUD 9,000.


*Do you want to migrate to Australia? Speak to Y-Axis, the World’s no.1 immigration overseas consultant.


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Cost of Australia PR visa

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