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Posted on January 21 2020

Top tech jobs in Canada in 2020

By  Editor
Updated March 15 2023
Canada Jobs 2020

The high demand for tech jobs in Canada will continue in 2020 as well. Skill shortage in the tech sector in Ontario and British Columbia have prompted these provinces to increase the recruiting efforts. British Columbia extended its Tech Pilot to June 2020 while Ontario started holding exclusive draws for tech candidates.

Randstad Canada is a Human Resources consulting firm and has released the predictions for the top tech jobs for 2020. Patrick Roulin, President-Staffing Division of Randstad Canada, said that Canada has an acute shortage of skilled labour. There are not enough Canadians to fill important jobs. Hence, it is important for immigrants to come and fill these positions.

The tech sector in Canada offers some of the most competitive salaries. The average annual salary for 2020 is estimated at $81,750. The lowest salary in the tech sector is expected to be $55,000 while high-earners can take home over $140,000 a year.

There is a very high demand for tech talent in major cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

According to Randstad, these will be the top tech jobs for 2020:

  • Developers and Programmers:

A job that is extremely sought-after in Canada is full-stack developers with front and back end skills. Skilled programmers with extensive knowledge of programming languages like Python, Java and .NET are also very high in demand.

  • IT Project Manager:

Employers in Canada are seeking project management professionals with skills like PMP, PMI or Agile Certified professionals.

  • Quality Assurance Analyst:

Quality Assurance Analysts ensure that there are no bugs in the software and the software is user-friendly. This is one position most likely to be in high demand in 2020.

  • Data Analyst:

Data Analysts deal with massive amounts of data that companies use to run their businesses. With more and more companies relying on data, this position is going to be in high demand in 2020.

  • IT Business Analyst:

IT Business Analysts are responsible for shaping and optimizing software and business systems to operate them effectively. Analysts specializing in tech and software analysis will be extremely in demand in 2020.

  • Senior Software Engineer:

There is a very high demand for developers and coding skills at the senior level. As per Randstad, employers in Canada are looking to hire candidates who have extensive work experience rather than developing their own intermediate and junior engineers.

  • Network Administrator:

Network administrators oversee a company’s IT network setup, manage servers and network equipment. They have to ensure that everything runs smoothly for both the customers as well as employers. Hence, they will be in high demand in Canada in 2020.

  • Technical Support Specialist:

Tech workers with customer support skills will also be in high demand in 2020. With the prevalent use of technology in our daily life, it is important to have professionals who can assist customers who are experiencing technical, hardware or software problems.

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Canada Jobs 2020


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