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Overseas Job seekers target Canada and the UK

Posted on January 11, 2019
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Overseas Job seekers

Overseas Job seekers are now opting for Canada and the UK over the US and this includes Indians as well. The decline in popularity of the US for job seekers is owing to its immigration rules, says the report by Indeed.

Canada is receiving a high number of applications from overseas job seekers as it is booming in technology. This along with the open immigration policy is resulting in the shift from the Silicon Valley to the ‘Maple Valley’.

The increasing popularity of Canada and the UK amongst overseas job seekers is for individual reasons. For the Maple Leaf Nation, it is its forthcoming policies for immigration. The latest skill-based approach of the UK for its immigration regime has made it popular among this group.

The Indeed report is primarily based on searches for high paying job roles. These include Research Nano-Science and Technology.

The report of the global job site elaborates that the dream of all high-skilled Indians to immigrate to the US is clearly affected. This is due to the turmoil in the immigration climate of the US. It has however worked in the favor of Canada and the UK adds the report.

The sudden transition of interest could be due to a range of factors. The report infers that the trend started in the middle of 2017. It has witnessed a swift increase from the end of 2017 onwards, it adds.

The share of the US in job searches from India decreased from 60% to 50% during 2016 August and 2018 July. Meanwhile, it increased for Canada from 6% to 13% in the same period, according to the report.

There is a huge demand for specific sectors when it comes to overseas job seekers, as quoted by the Asian Age. This is in Engineering, Technology, Mathematics, specifically niche roles and Science.

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