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Jobs in Netherlands increased by 8, 400 for the month of November 2017

Posted on December 22, 2017
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Jobs in Netherlands

Jobs in Netherlands increased by 8, 400 for the month of November 2017 according to the Employment Report of ADP Netherlands. ADP Research Institute Vice President Ahu Yildirmaz said that the market for Jobs in Netherlands continues to be strong. The increase in jobs for November was propelled by the Construction sector, Hotels and catering, Trade, and Business services.

Except for the Financial services, all other sectors in Netherlands witnessed growth said Ahu Yildirmaz. This sector has witnessed tough times all throughout the year, he added, as quoted by the Staffing Industry.

Collaborating with the Moody’s Analytics the monthly report is produced for employment projections by the ADP Research Institute. Employment Report of ADP Netherlands is a month wise analysis of the growth and trends in Employment in Netherlands. It does not include the agricultural sector. It is produced by collaborating with the leading global firm for economic research the Moody’s Analytics.

The Employment Report of ADP Netherlands is based on public cumulative figures of the strength of workers per business unit. It is within the sample of customers of ADP in the nation. This report gives profound insight into the developments in Netherlands economy.

The valuable data for every month for jobs is intended as an extra tool for analysis for management of companies, policymakers and economists. It is aimed at aiding their decision-making process. It is available to the people free of cost.

Below is the breakup of jobs that increased for each sector:

  • Industry – 800
  • Construction – 1, 200
  • Trade, transport, and catering – 1,900
  • Information and communication – 400
  • Business services – 3,600
  • Energy and utilities – 500
  • Other sectors – 600

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