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How can you work abroad on a Travel Visa?

Posted on December 1, 2018
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Working on Travel Visa

Working abroad is a fascinating trend in the country now. So is travelling overseas. When the two are merged, it’s a dream come true. However, there are certain decisions to be made beforehand

  • Would you work for yourself, a local company or a company from your home country
  • Would you change location very frequently
  • Is it a temporary work cum vacation or a permanent escape

Let’s have a look at real-world experiences shared by people who chose the same path.

Working on Travel Visa in Indonesia, Vietnam and New Zealand:

 Kathryn Carlson was laid off from her job. It made her make the best decision of life. She travelled to Indonesia, Vietnam and New Zealand with her partner. It was a 10-week trip. Her partner continued with his job remotely. She took up freelance assignments.

She was quoted as saying that it was not difficult for her partner to work from these countries. All he had had to do was take permission from the company CEO. However, their working conditions varied by country. For instance, in New Zealand, free public WiFi was barely available. She didn’t work on her freelance assignments there. On the other hand, in Vietnam, the public WiFi was incredibly fast.

According to Carlson, the following things should be considered while planning such trips:

  • Planning and budgeting the trip is very important
  • Before setting out, travelers need to figure out the experiences they want to have
  • Next, they should fit their work schedule around that
  • It is best to keep work separate from the travelling experiences

Working on Travel Visa in India, Nepal and Thailand:

Danielle Noriega found an internship opportunity in Delhi, India. She was interested in global health. She travelled to Nepal and Thailand on a Travel Visa as well. She initially found it difficult to fulfill her responsibilities in a low resources environment. But she said it was great to have learnt new languages and cultures.

Working on Travel Visa in Tanzania:

Franca Berthomier travelled to Tanzania from her native country France. She got a job offer at the French Embassy there. She wanted to move outside her comfort zone, learn new language and culture. However, she had to leave Tanzania while applying for a Work Visa. According to her, the culture is too different. One has to change their mindset to be able to adapt there.

Working on Travel Visa in Vietnam:

 Brenn Hill moved to Vietnam on a Travel Visa while managing his work remotely. As reported by US News, he always carried two laptops, an extra phone and backup power supplies. He loved to travel. Hence he moved across the country while meeting his work deadlines as well. He said this way work seemed less stressful. He always stored his work information in the cloud in case anything was stolen.

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