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How can you get your dream job in the US?

How to prepare for your dream job in the US

If you wish to land a job in the US, you should be aware of what the employers there are looking for. A good GPA alone is not enough to land an overseas job in the US. Employers look at other factors such as relevant work experience, skills and educational background, to find the suitable employee for a position.

A survey by the National Association of Companies and Employers (NACE) in 2020 reiterates that a strong GPA and a major in a relevant subject are not the only factors to land a job. The survey says employers in the US look for other factors when selecting candidates. These include:

 Apart from having these skills there are other factors to consider if you wish to land your dream job in the US.

Job search and networking

Although the time it takes to find a job varies, you can expect to put in 150 hours (5 hours per week) over the course of 6 to 9 months! Another truth is that networking – talking to people in different organizations and nurturing these professional relationships – is how 80 percent of jobs are found. This will take a considerable amount of time and effort on your part.

Select the right jobs to apply

Begin by reflecting on and identifying your talents, interests, and values. Then connect these to industries and jobs that correspond to your findings.

You must have an updated CV and online profile before you begin your job search. You can look for relevant job openings in popular job search portals that also list international job openings.

Make a list of 40 target companies. 99.9% of businesses employ less than 500 people. The 0.01 percent, on the other hand, have the best brand reputation. If you’re just interested in landing with the major brands, the rivalry can be fierce. To find openings, go to your college’s career section, LinkedIn, and job boards like

 Optimize your resume

You must modify your resume to suit international standards and may even have to polish it based on the country where you are looking for a job.

Keywords for the positions you’re applying for should be included in your resume (and LinkedIn profile). Companies use artificial intelligence (AI) called Application Tracking Systems (ATS) to rapidly evaluate applications. The majority of people who apply are ignored by 52% of businesses! However, if you have a recommendation from your network, your resume has a better chance of being selected for an interview.

Practice for the interview

To give your interview with confidence you must practice extensively. Learn to showcase your talents and give reasons as to why you are the right choice for the position by using your college career center or take the help of an overseas job search consultant who will provide the expertise and guidance to help you get your desired job in the US.

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