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Posted on May 06 2022

What are the easiest ways to get a Green Card in the US

By  Editor
Updated December 05 2023


Thousands of immigrants always dream of becoming a citizen of the US or permanently settling in the nation. To be one of the green card holders as early as possible is the primary wish of many international citizens.

US Green Card:

Obtaining a green card itself has an ambition attached to it. International immigrants wait for years to get green cards officially, which will make them a part of the World’s supreme nation, The US. Foreign nationals get fascinated the entry into the US because of its diversity, quality education, vast opportunities, infrastructure, and most extensive consumer market in the globe.

The Dream to go and get settled in America has three ways to obtain a green card:

  • Employment-based immigration
  • Diversity visa based program for immigration (through a Lottery system)
  • Family-based program for immigration

To obtain a green card based on a diversity visa using the lottery system needs a piece of pure luck. Many Indians try for another route, either taking up work-based or investment-based green cards. The foreign nationals require special skills or mandated education to get jobs in America through L1/H1B visa and then apply for Permanent residence ship. Though many people prefer taking up this route of visa, there are many hurdles and long waitlists. Before choosing any route to America, understanding the pros and cons of the route is advisable.

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Investment-based visa is in high demand.

These days many foreign nationals prefer Investment based visas (EB-5) as it is one of the easiest ways to obtain a green card in the US, though it requires a huge sum of 800,000 USD. The applicants possessing EB-5 visas will get a permanent residence card in exchange for the Investment and creation of jobs in the US for themselves and their families, including children and their spouses, only if the child is an unmarried minor.

The investment visa holders can either directly invest in the US economy as an individual or can invest through US government-approved regional center. The regional center program always helped and protected the funds of Indian businesses and turned them towards proper secure projects that helped to generate employment.

The immigration process for the US is a little complex, and one mistake can cause delays for months or even surpass years. It is crucial to work with an experienced partner where we can get help in gathering requirements and application processing through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

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Like parents giving money to their kids, and with that money, the children can invest in America on EB-5 investment visa. An eye of law is kept on the source of funds to assess criminal and illegal activities. Though gathering the necessary and mandatory documentation is a little complicated, obtaining funds from the proper channel is essential to get a visa clearance.

Dreaming about immigrating to the US is a life-changing decision for individuals and their families. Once invested in immigration, the effort must not go in vain. If we work with some experienced professionals, it is easy to navigate the process and get to know different pathways. We can quickly meet the requirements to submit the documentation.

Every pathway to enter the US has a different requirement for document submission. That chosen path must work fast with all the available resources and safely get the visa.

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