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Germany has huge demand of overseas innovative engineers, offering starting yearly salary of up to €45,000

Posted on January 18, 2018
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Jobs in Germany

Germany has a huge demand for overseas innovative engineers and is offering, starting annual salary of up to €45,000. Owing to the contestant line up of innovations, German firms are thriving greatly in the global export markets. It has thus emerged as an international leader in diverse fields of high-end technology.

Quality manufacturing and sophisticated technology ensure that there is a huge demand for electrical and electronic equipment, machinery, and cars made in Germany. Thousands and thousands of Engineers who work in the production, development, and design are behind this achievement. Thus overseas innovative engineers have a major share in the success story “Made in Germany”.

Biggest demand engineering fields:

Several firms in Germany that are driven by technology have vacancies for innovative engineers. Fresh recruits are required in all sectors. But the most specific fields are electrical, automotive and mechanical engineering. Building engineering also has good prospects for Jobs in Germany.

Enhanced digitization has resulted in new fields of activity in IT and Telecommunications in Germany. These require knowledge of engineering along with functioning of digital technology.

Job prospects for Engineers:

Opportunities to reach the zenith of the career ladder are available for Engineers in Germany. They can make their way to the highest management level in the corporate hierarchy. Many Managing Directors and Board Members of manufacturing firms had commenced their careers as engineers in Germany. These lucrative prospects are reflected in pay package as well, as quoted by the Make It in Germany.

The average annual salary for fresher engineers ranges on an average between €45,000 and €36,000. It applies for example for job starters with a degree obtained from an Applied Science University in Building or Electrical engineering. Pay packages are increased every year and reach up to €64,000 after some years. For graduates from University, average pay package in certain fields can reach up to more than €70,000 annually.

It is necessary to get your overseas qualifications verified to determine its equivalent qualification in Germany. This is if you want to obtain the job designation ‘Consulting Engineer’ or ‘Engineer’.

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